Dior Earrings: Just a Trend? Or a New Classic?

Back during Dior’s pre-fall 2013 runway show, we first caught glimpse of the “mise en Dior” tribal earring.

dior mise en dior tribal earring

This double pearl confection is designed to be worn with the smaller pearl in the front, and the larger pearl in the back.

dior pearl earrings

They are not necessarily meant to be worn in pairs, so just wearing one is something Dior likes, as apparently does Emma Watson.

emma watston in dior earring

They don’t just come in pearls, either — there are many varieties. The version in gold and palladium plate are called “tee shirt earrings,” and they have a more edgy vibe than the pearls.

dior tee shirt earrings in gold and palladium plate

Then with their cruise 2014 line, they expanded on the design by making the “gum tee shirt earring” that has a matte rubber lacquer finish.

dior gum tee shirt earrings

Jennifer Lawrence was all over these, and opted for red for herself.

jennifer lawrence in dior earrings

When something really starts catching on, then there’s bound to be knock-offs. Amazon has a really good replica for only $11. (Click here for the link.) Can you tell the difference?

amazon pearl dior-style earring

So the question is…what do you think of this style? Is it just a flash-in-the-pan trend, or do you think it’s a classic in the making? I’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter!