Babette in San Francisco!

For both myself and my clients, Babette on Sutter Street near Union Square has been one of my go-to boutiques for years. Their modern, often pleated, clothing line is just fantastic. It never goes out of style, and I’ve yet to have one of their pieces wear out — now that’s saying something! Well imagine my delight when I recently entered the shop to see a jewelry case right in the middle of the store!! Knowing how unique the clothing is, I was sure I’d find some treasures that I’d never seen before, and I was definitely right!

A case just waiting to be explored!
A case just waiting to be explored!

While I like to think that I’m pretty in the know about different designers, I must admit that each and every designer shown was new to me. Wow! Elizabeth Shypertt is the curator of the collection, and has the pieces on consignment at the store. One of the first items that jumped right onto my wrist is this killer silver bracelet by Elisa Bongfeldt.

elisa bongfeldt bracelet

Then there’s a group of jewelry made from smooth river rocks by Terri Logan. Take a look at this stunning necklace and bracelet. Though they are made of stone, they are still light-weight and very comfortable.

terri logan necklace

terri logan bracelet

If you’re into color, then these ball necklaces by Rosario Merola will be right up your alley. The red beads are made of lava rock!

rosario merola necklaces

I know that people who wear a more autumnal color palette and have a creative personal style will want to try on the collection by Brooke Battles.

brooke battles necklace

And how unique are these necklaces by Kristin Lora made with brushes as pendants? These would definitely be a conversation piece!

kristin lora necklaces

There’s much more for you to see, so I encourage you to stop by the store and try things on in person. Have fun!