Hair Jewelry: Keep it Cool This Summer

When I arrived at a client’s house last week to do some closet work, she greeted me at the door in one of her stylin’ tennis ensembles. As she turned around to head to the closet, I had to smile. She was sporting a ponytail holder that featured a HUGE faux green gem (like an enormous green diamond solitaire), and it spoke volumes — it showed her fun, colorful personality without her having to open her mouth. In addition, it was a creative way to add  “jewelry” in a way that worked on the court.

This really got me thinking about how your hair accessories really are part of your jewelry. If you find a hair accessory that really speaks to you, then it’s worth the investment. (Remember the whole cost-per-wear analysis.)  Though I have a cropped pixie and can’t play with cute ponytail bands or jeweled combs, I know the majority of you reading this likely can. So I took a look around, and found possibilities for every personal style, from sporty to romantic to refined. Let me know what you think.

Mrs. President & Co. Instant Cool Ponytail Holder (It also comes in a silver tone.)

mrs. president & co. instant cool ponytail holder
L.Erikson Volume Enamel Rectangle Barrette (comes in 19 colors!)

l.erickson volume enamel rectangle barrette
France Luxe Crystal Cordial Side Comb (comes in two colors)

france luxe crystal cordial side comb
Dauphines of New York New Romance Barrette

dauphines of new york new romance barrette
L.Erickson Stari Barrette (So Art Deco!)

l.erickson stari barrette
France Luxe Bellflower Ponytail Holder (comes in three colors)

france luxe bellflower ponytail holder
L.Erickson Swarovski Crystal Barrette (comes in five colors)

l. erickson swarovski crystal barrette
Pluie Feather Barrette

pluie feather barrette
House of Harlow 1960 Migration Comb

house of harlow 1960 migration comb
Colette Malouf Mesh Botanical Swarovski Crystal-Embellished Barrette

colette malouf mesh botanical swaravski crystal embellished barrette
During my research, I couldn’t believe how many beautiful headbands there are out there as well! But that’s going to have to be a whole separate post. I bet I can even make a headband work with my hair style.