Cost Plus World Market Necklace and Top: Jewelry Judge

We’ve been having a bit of an early summer here in the SF Bay Area, and people are definitely bringing out their summer outfits! While shopping at J.Crew, this colorful ensemble on a shopper caught my eye.

cost plus top and necklace
Of course, as it is my MO, I had to chat with her about her look. The causal distressed jeans, rolled up to perfection, were a nice balance with her vibrant top and necklace. Turns out she got the two at Cost Plus World Market for a steal — she said under $40 for both! I can tell you that the necklace did not look like it was $14.99! And furthermore, I had never even thought about going to Cost Plus for accessories. Clearly I need to stop by and check it out in person!

cost plus necklace
With her blond hair and blue eyes, the shade of blue really suited her personal coloring, and it drew your eyes right up to her face. Finishing it off with a Gucci purse and metallic¬†flip-flops was great. This is the amazing beauty of mixing high and low — you don’t need to be dressed head-to-toe in designer to look fabulous. What about you? Have you mastered the high-low mix in your own personal style? Any savvy tips to share?