Jane Basch: Designer

Sex and the City is still one of my all time favorite shows, and when I come across an episode while flitting through the TV channels, I have to sit there and watch it. (And no, it doesn’t matter that I’ve seen it countless times and can recite half the lines!) When Carrie Bradshaw made her “Carrie” nameplate necklace a fashion “do,” the whole country was on it.

Well thanks to Jane Basch, you can take the monogramed necklace to a whole new level. I was honored to meet Jane at the JCK show in Las Vegas.

jane basch and amy roseveare

With a background in clothing and a love of drawing, Jane was a natural at growing her jewelry business. Her husband, Michael’s, father started in the jewelry business 60 years ago, so all the stars were in alignment. She started with the more traditional monogramed necklace, and went from there. Here’s an example of her freeform script monogram necklace.

jane basch monogram necklace

Well Jane’s designs have really expanded, and her tagline, “she makes it personal” is right on the money. While at her booth, I was first drawn to this mongrammed ring. So cool! I may have to order one with an “A” for myself!

jane basch ring

Jane’s line is all hand-cut and made in Hollywood, Florida. (Yeah for made in the USA!) She really has done an astounding job at modernizing the monogram. Take a look at this layered necklace, which is SO on trend! And instead of having to think of what necklaces would blend well, you’re all set with just one necklace. Brilliant.

jane basch layered necklace

One of her more recent designs features just one long and lean initial on a 30″ chain. It’s uber cool on its own, or layered with other necklaces.

jane basch  necklace

Of course, celebrities are always up on the latest trends. Here’s Kaley Cuoco rockin’ one of Jane’s designs. (Another fact about me: I totally LOVE The Big Bang Theory!)

kaley cuoco

And here’s Christina Applegate in a “Sadie” nameplate, for her daughter.

christina applegate necklace

Jane’s line comes in silver, and both yellow and rose gold over silver. I think the line’s price points are very reasonable, ranging from about $250-$500. It’s modern, it’s personal, and it works with virtually every personal style.