Arunashi: Designer

If you’re looking for ultra-special, one-of-a-kind pieces, then Arunashi is made for you! How about trying these black opal earrings on for size?

arunashi black opal egg drop earrings
Arun Bohra, an 8th generation jeweler, started his own line in 2004. He is inspired by Greek mythology and all types of nature. It’s clear that he loves color, and I couldn’t help myself from trying on numerous items from his cases!

arun bohra of arunashi and amy rosevere
This ebony cuff emblazoned with opal, tanzanite, diamonds and violet sapphires is simply magical.

arunashi opal, tanzanite, diamond and violet sapphire on ebony cuff
When I asked Arun what he liked best about being a designer, he said, “I can do whatever I want!” He revels in the freedom of creativity. Well his creative mind certainly comes up with some beautiful designs, unlike I’ve ever seen before. Look at these silver moonstone earrings.  They are fit for a mythical goddess.

arunashi silver moonstone carnival earrings
Or how about these large abalone shell earrings highlighted with diamonds? Yes, please!

arunashi large abalone shell earrings with diamonds and sapphires
I think the color combination in this sapphire bangle is lovely — perfect for adding a pop of color to a bracelet stack.

arunashi padparascha sapphire bangle
I look forward to seeing him and his collection again this year at the Couture show in Las Vegas. I can only dream about what I might see!