Modern Day Cameo Rings

It’s likely that either you or someone in your family may have a vintage cameo in their jewelry box. They’ve been around for centuries, carved in a traditional manner and commonly found in the form of a brooch. Recently I’ve seen many rings I would consider a “modern cameo.” The first such ring I saw was at Metier in Hayes Valley (San Francisco) by Gabriella Kiss. Instead of a whole face, it features just one eye — another, with a tear falling from the corner. Wouldn’t you agree this is a modern interpretation of a cameo?

gabriella kiss 18k eye love token ring
gabriella kiss 18k eye with tear ring
Then I came across Hannah Blount’s cameo collection. The design of this ring, the grey lady, with the head set on its side is simply amazing.

hannah blount medium grey lady ring with diamond
I also follow Hannah Blount on Instagram and couldn’t help but admire this combination of her designs.

hannah blount rings
Then there’s Anthony Lent, who has a bevy of smiling faces among his collection. I appreciate the rectangular boarder in juxtaposition with the curves of the face in his Brickface ring.

anthony lent brickface ring
Israeli designer Ari Kuperman has a more rustic version, made of sterling silver and gold. I could see this fitting in with a more bohemian/rock’n roll personal style.

ari kuperman silver statement face ring
I had to look twice when I first saw this Jurio Fujita Gold Face ring. Is it a human face? Or an alien? “It’s the elongated, otherworldy skulls of the Paracas excavation, deemed by Fujita as ‘neither homo sapiens nor Neanderthal.'” Interesting!

jurio fujita 18K yellow gold face ring
Then there’s this Fraser Hamilton Signet Head ring, which I suppose more resembles a modern intaglio ring, as the face is recessed.

fraser hamilton sterling silver portrait ring
I don’t know about you, but I’m completely intrigued by these unique designs. Perhaps it’s time to add one to my ring repertoire. What are your thoughts?