Statement Necklaces: Bling in Union Square!

As an image consultant and personal shopper, I think of Union Square in San Francisco as my “office.” While walking around pre-shopping for a client the other day, I was amazed at how many statement necklaces I spotted just within three hours. Of course, I wasn’t able to get a photo of all of them (I probably saw about 15-20), but here’s a sampling of what was sparkling at the square on this lovely September afternoon.

This visitor from South Africa was showing some major flower power, between her necklace and her embroidered jacket.

statement necklace
The juxtaposition of the bright turquoise with the black blouse caught my attention on this woman.

statement necklace
This gal told me that her Nordstrom purchase has become one of her go-to pieces.

statement necklace
And while walking back to the parking garage, this woman rocked her $9.99 necklace (no joke!) from Forever 21.

forever 21 necklace
So what about you? Do you incorporate statement necklaces in your wardrobe? Or is this a style that you’d prefer to admire on others, while you enjoy a more minimalist personal style? OR….do you think this trend is passé? I definitely want to hear your opinions!

12 thoughts on “Statement Necklaces: Bling in Union Square!”

  1. I happen to love them!! Those of us with the “creative” bent wear them regularly no matter what the trend is at the time.

    1. I agree, mom. For many, they’ve truly become part of their personal style, and they’ll continue no matter what the trend.

  2. I like to admire them on others rather than wear them myself because they just aren’t ‘me’. That blue one w/the black shirt does look very nice – I can see why it caught your eye – it looks very classy.

  3. while i am loving the idea of 2 to 3 very fragile necklaces together…i do tend to go back to my statement pieces…it is usually the boldest part of my outfit…well…sometimes my shoes are too… =)

  4. I’ve noticed that statement jewellery appeared to be a big thing during the latest runways at fashion week. I think they’re great-they can brighten up any outfit and add glamour no matter how plainly you might dress! – Juliet

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