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“Fortune favors the bold,” Shannon Koszyk told me when I met her at the JCK show, and her jewelry is certainly testament to this mantra! You may remember me writing about her WWI Victory Medal bracelet back in June of 2013. (Click here if you missed that story.)

shannon koszyk victory-angel-bracelet
Excited to finally meet her in person, I was able to see how her collection is such a mix of raw and refined, light and dark, edgy and fashion forward. I was intrigued. I first tried on this diamond bar ring. Though it looks like it’s a multi finger ring, it’s only one, with the bar extending wide on top. Very comfortable, and definitely a statement.

shannon koszyk ring
As she told me, she’s “vintage obsessed” and loves incorporating vintage pieces in her designs, from coins to medals to crucifixes. She took this 1924 Kroner from Denmark, set it in sterling and then made it sparkle with diamonds. Such unique juxtaposition!

shannon koszyk dimaond kroner coin ring
Leather is also one of her go-to mediums, with its tough vibe, yet soft feel. This unisex Crux Wrap Bracelet can also be worn as a necklace.

shannon koszyk leather crux wrap bracelet
Speaking of necklaces, you must know by now that I have a total thing for horns — so no shock that I would love to wear this diamond horn necklace! This shows her signature bronze hook clasp.

shannon koszyk diamond horn necklace
Making every piece by hand in her Seattle studio, Shannon also has branched into the fashion and home decor world. Partnering with Currey & Company, she has designed some pretty unique light fixtures, such as this Fortune Chandelier, made of wrought iron.

shannon koszyk fortune chandelier
While my small apartment may not be able to accommodate her chandeliers, these killer drawer knobs would certainly work!

shannon koszyk drawer knob
Her vintage obsession also includes military shirts and jackets, which she takes and re-works. This unisex camo Audaces jacket could be styled many ways. Personally, I’d pair it with a pair of distressed narrow jeans, rolled up, with booties and a silk tank. Very masculine meets feminine.

shannon koszyk camo audaces jacket
Such a pleasure to meet Shannon! She sells her work around the country, so click here for a list of stockists. By the way, if her aesthetic appeals to you, then definitely check out her Pinterest page — she has some amazing boards!

shannon koszyk and amy roseveare

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  1. It’s hard for me to comprehend how many different types of jewelry there is out there, Amy!! There is something for everyone and I agree, the horn necklace is wonderful!!!

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