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Sometimes the universe is just brilliant — how you can cross paths with someone at just the right time, without any planning or forethought. That’s just what happened yesterday. I was checking out the latest and greatest at Gallery of Jewels in Union Square (I know…shocker!) and once again eyeing this particular ring by Sakura Haru. I’ve tried it on more than once, and I love everything about it, from the mixed metals, to the weight and comfortable fit on my finger, to the sparkle of the diamonds.

sakura haru oyster ring
Well wouldn’t you know it, but in walked Sakura to the boutique!

Sakura Haru and Amy Roseveare
Though I clearly must have been keeping her from the mission that brought her into the store in the first place, she had a sense of ease and happiness as she let me barrage her with questions about her and her line. It turns out that she’s from Japan’s southernmost island, Okinawa, where the climate resembles Miami. (Who knew?!) And for Sakura, her line is inspired by this tropical island and “fun in the sun.”

I tried on a couple more pair of earrings…

sakura haru earrings
sakura haru earrings
The texture in this last pair of earrings is SO unique — part of her Paleo collection. That’s when I found out why she was actually there (drum roll…) to bring in her new body chain from this collection. How fun! You can wear it over a dress, under a tank, with just a hint showing… just use your imagination!

Sakura Haru body chain
Designing the line for 8 years now, this San Francisco-based designer makes each and every piece herself. Her work is ethically made with recycled metals, conflict-free stones, and low-waste studio practices. She was fortunate to have an amazing art teacher in high school back in Japan who introduced her to jewelry making. Clearly, she was an effective and inspirational teacher, as Sakura’s line is just beautiful. As she says, her jewelry “appeals to women who embrace beauty in natural forms.”

Here’s a shot from her website, to give you more of a feel for her work. Definitely go check it out in person if this gets your jewelry heart pumping!

sakura haru jewelry

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