Ring Cones for Chic Ring Display

Here’s the dilemma — how to still enjoy your rings you aren’t wearing? You can only have so many on at a time, right? But if I loved something enough to buy it, then I want to be able to gaze at its loveliness even if it’s not on my finger. The solution? Ring cones! For me, it started with a cute little dish I bought at The Gardener in Berkeley…but the bowl got too full…so I added a metallic ceramic ring cone from West Elm…and then added a shorter bronze one from Upper Metal Class.

ring cones from upper metal class and west elm
Ring cones come in a wide range of materials, price points, and sizes. I think it’s fun to combine different materials and heights, creating a little vignette on your bureau. I could even envision putting a selection of ring cones on a small tray or dish. I wanted to share some of the stylish options I’ve found.

First, a few ceramic designs from Anthropologie. Aren’t the little eyelashes just darling?

anthropologie ring cones
Bohemia Jewelry has a fun Etsy shop with a variety of ring cones. These are a couple of my faves.

bohemi jewelry blue silver strip crackle ring cones
bohemi jewelry white gold triange ring cone
Is wood a material that suits your personal style better? Perhaps you’ll like these from Wooddesigndforyou.

wood designd for you ring cones
I’m very tempted by these cement ring cones with gold leaf from Abigail Jewellery.

abigail jewellery concrete and gold leaf ring cone
And how fab is the color palette in these ceramic ring cones by Meus?

meus ring cones
No joke, this is just the tip of the iceberg (or cone?!). There are endless possibilities out there. What about you? Are you a fan of this concept? I’d love to hear from you in the comment section below.

8 thoughts on “Ring Cones for Chic Ring Display”

    1. We may have to get you a couple, mom — you can even use one by the sink to use when you take off your rings. 🙂

  1. Had never thought about displaying them, but what a wonderful idea! Jewelry as art and decor–love it!! Several of the cones featured are definitely suit me to a T!

  2. ok – who knew there were so many choices? loving the little eyelashes…i do like the idea of displaying them like this for many reasons…first…like you said…if you love something enough to buy it…why enjoy enjoy it’s beauty always…and second…if you aren’t seeing it…most likely you aren’t wearing it…at least that is what happens to me…
    another great informative post…thanks amy!

    1. I SO agree with you about if you don’t see something, you’re much less likely to wear it. I find that true with all areas of my wardrobe, from jewelry to shoes. Excellent point, Elena!

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