Pade Vavra’s Guitar String Rings

I introduced you to Pade Vavra back in November. (Click here if you missed the article.) She’s an edgy jewelry designer, who I just learned is also a passionate musician. (This SO does not surprise me!) In her words, “I wanted to be a musician, but for the last 19 years, jewelry is my music. Like the bass of a drum or strum of a guitar, it strikes an emotional chord in me.”

She has melded her two loves perfectly with her guitar string rings.

guitar string rings

They are not made of actual guitar strings, which are much too stiff, but rather of solid sterling silver diamond cut chain. She makes them with rose or yellow gold plate finishes, as well as gunmetal black rhodium or polished silver.

pade vavra guitar string rings

I tried on the yellow gold in the regular and midi-sized rings.

pade vavra guitar string rings

I was so impressed with how light, malleable and comfortable they are! Pade says, “…measuring 2 millimeters in width, they are sleek, smooth and most importantly, do not get in the way of playing your instrument.”

At only $49 dollars each, everyone from Rhianna to Steven Tyler to Hayden Panettiere have been wearing them. And I can just picture Pade rocking them as she drums on her 1972 Ludwig Vistalite drum kit. Rock on!

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