November Birthstone: Citrine

Those of you lucky enough to be born in November have not one, but two birthstones! (If you missed last week’s article on Topaz, click here.) While topaz is known for it’s calming and balancing properties, citrine is here to bring you success and abundance. In fact, citrine used to be known as the “merchant’s stone” as traveling merchants always carried a piece with them to assure profitable sales. Coming in a range from pale yellow to brownish tones, it’s really a lovely stone.

Citrine sounds pretty darn awesome, bringing the wearer:

-cheerfulness and joy
-personal power
-AND it combats negative energy

I’m loving this list! While I don’t (yet) own any pieces of jewelry with citrine, it might be the time to add some to my jewelry box. If I were, here are some of the gorge items I may consider. (in no particular order)

Disa Allsop cushion cut citrine ring

disa allsopp cushion cut citrine ring
Margo Morrison citrine and white sapphire earrings

margo morrison citrine and white sapphire drop earrings
Jamie Joseph citrine ring with diamond accent

jamie joseph citrine ring with dimaond accent
Renee Lewis double citrine pendant necklace

renee lewis double citrine pendant necklace

Nak Armstrong labradorite and citrine earrings

nak armstrong labradorite and citrine dangle mosaic earrings
Disa Allsopp citrine spaghetti ring

disa allsopp citrine spaghetti ring
Devon Leigh rainbow jasper and citrine necklace

devon leigh rainbow jasper and citrine necklace
Miseno Sealeaf Collection 18K diamond and citrine earrings

miseno sealeaf collection 18K diamond and citrine earrings
Julie Wolfe cage ring with citrine and opal

julie wolfe cage ring with citrine and opal
Michael Aram 18K twig diamond and citrine pendant necklace

michael aram twig 18K and diamond citrine pendant necklace
Ippolita Rock Candy shell and citrine earrings

ippolita 18k rock candy earrings in citrine and shell
Oh…if only I had a bottomless wallet….

Happy November birthday!! xo

10 thoughts on “November Birthstone: Citrine”

  1. Those rings are amazing. I agree — have to start looking into adding some citrine pieces…..and if you come across that bottomless wallet, please let me know!

  2. If we are putting in orders, I would like to buy some shares in the bottomless wallet and I’m going big ‘n blingy with the Sealeaf earrings. Love the story behind citrine! Thanks Amy!

  3. I was given a gold and yellow topaz ring for my First Holy Communion. Flash forward many, many years and I had the stone re-set for my 10th wedding anniversary. The designer identified the stone as a citrine, not a topaz, something I had guessed already. Fast forward again and two years ago I took the ring for an insurance appraisal. Imagine my surprise when the stone was revealed to be a yellow sapphire!!!!! How/why were my parents sold a yellow sapphire as a yellow topaz? A mystery for the ages.

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