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You may be familiar with Maiyet’s luxurious clothing line, but did you know they also have both fashion and fine jewelry lines? Though I had seen their signature skinny bangle on one of my clients a couple years back, I had no idea what range they have in their collection until I encountered their booth at the Couture show.

First I’d like to show you some very stylish pieces from their fashion line. Here’s a pair of natural horn earrings. You will find quite a bit of horn across their collection. But have no fear, their materials are very ethically sourced.

maiyet natural horn earrings
In fact, that’s one of the things I love most about this company. They are very devoted to partnering with artisans around the globe, preserving their techniques and promoting “self-sufficiency and entrepreneurship in developing economies.” They strive to protect our planet and its resources. Even with their cashmere used in their clothing line, they have partnered with the Gobi Revival Fund and goat herders in outer Mongolia to create “the world’s first ethically sourced and environmentally sustainable cashmere yarn in the world.” How wonderful is that?

Ok, now back to the jewlery… Here are a couple rings and a cuff from their Empire collection, made of 18K gold-plated brass. I’m sure you can see how New York City architecture was an inspiration for this group.

maiyet empire rings
maiyet cuff
Now let’s move on to some fine jewlery. First up are these two long diamond bar rings. The diamonds were sourced in Jaipur, where they were made in a manner which honors the Indian techniques of jewlery making.

maiyet diamond bar rings
There were also various single-finger rings. If one is good, then three are better, right?!

maiyet diamond rings
Next, I explored the Dagger collection. I tried on this black horn and diamond cuff while admiring the coordinating pendant necklaces.

maiyet black horn bracelet
maiyet black horn necklaces
One of my absolute favorite pieces I tried on, also in the Dagger line, is this moonstone and diamond ring. It’s as cool from the top view as it is from the side.

maiyet moonstone dagger ring
maiyet moonstone ring
Their Moon & Stars group had a very dreamy necklace and heavenly bracelet (Sorry..couldn’t resist).

maiyet moon and stars necklace
maiyet moon and stars bracelet
And finally…the pièce de résistance…their gold and diamond cage bracelet. The designer actually went to Jaipur and brought a stone-setter from NYC to train in how to set the diamonds to her specifications. I would say her efforts certainly paid off, wouldn’t you?

maiyet gold and diamond cage bracelet
If you’re in NYC, you can visit their store on Crosby Street. For the rest of us, they do have an online shop, as well as representation at the following stockists.

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  1. Again, the imagination is amazing. I love the single-finger rings, but then again all are lovely and unique!!

  2. Stunning designs! The moonstone ring- fit for a queen. What impresses me most is their ethical standards for animals & people. Another great post. Thanks Amy!

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