K/ller Collection @ Sucre in NYC

When I’m looking for new boutique to visit, I have a strategy. I usually start by picking a designer I love; in this case (while I was in New York City) I chose Raquel Allegra, a clothing designer that I have a very hard time finding in the SF Bay Area. My thinking is that if a boutique carries this line, then surely they’ll have other things that will interest me as well. So far, this strategy has worked out pretty darn well, and I end up discovering lots of places I normally wouldn’t have stumbled upon.

One of the stores that popped up on this recent search was Sucre in the West Village, and it wasn’t a far walk from where I was staying in the Meat Packing area. It’s not an overly-large space, but it’s chock full of goodies! And I’m sure you won’t be surprised, but this case of jewelry is what really got my attention.

k/ller collection jewelry
The mixed metals, the slightly bohemian flair..it just spoke to me. I learned that it’s all from a line called K/ller Collection, from Brooklyn-based designers. You can read their story here. And just today, I learned that they are the Grand Prize winners of the 2014 CFDA/Lexus Eco-Fashion Challenge, sponsored by Lexus. Congrats!

The first necklace I tried on was this one. It’s made from three hand-cast brass porcupine quills.

k/ller collection  necklace
I also had a hard time taking off this more dramatic design.

k/ller collection necklace
You know what a fan I am of horns, so these necklaces definitely made me smile!

k/ller collection necklaces
Look at the detail in the carving!

k/ller collection necklace
I’m so glad that I discovered this shop and this jewelry line. If you’re lucky enough to be wandering around the West Village, definitely stop in!

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