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When I returned from Jewelry Week in Las Vegas, I mentioned that one of the high points (aside from seeing all the fantabulous jewelry), was finally meeting people in person whom I had only known online. Judi Powers is one of those lovely people, and meeting her “live” at the JCK show was so much fun! We hugged as if we were longtime friends, which I guess in a way…we were!

One of the first things I had to see at her booth was her Arun Sawad collection. I had been seeing images of these pieces on Instagram, and they did not disappoint in person! On her website she describes the inspiration for this design, “Many years ago while I was traveling in Thailand I fell in love with a riverside temple called Wat Arun, or temple of the dawn. As the sun was rising over this beautiful and sacred place, there was a warm golden glow in the sky. The colors of the diamonds with the gold remind me so much of that special place…”

judi powers arun sawad collection
And take a look at this green tourmaline ring with tsavorite garnets. Gorge, right?

judi powers green tourmaline ring with tsavorite garnets
Judi has not always been a jewlery designer. In fact, she spent 22 years in publishing. Jewelry has always been in her blood, though. She told me as a young girl she used to sneak off to spend time at her local jewelry store. Though she has been making jewelry since just after 9/11, her full-time transition to jewelry designer happened with a bang. She applied to FIT and got in just two weeks before classes were to begin. So, she quit her job on a Friday and began classes at FIT on a Monday. No down time there! Just one month after graduation, she entered and won a jewelry competition, which helped set her on her course to success. Her winning design, “A Tree Grows,” was inspired by a spring tree in her own Brooklyn neighborhood.

judi powers a tree grows necklace
I’m so proud of the sustainability in Judy’s line as well, from metals to stones. She told me, “The line is completely sustainable, from mine to stone-cutter to studio.” (If you’d like more details about her dedication to sustainable jewlery, click here to read more.) Speaking of stones, I was drawn to this pair of earrings, which feature mis-matched beryl crystals — so harmonious, and perfectly imperfect.

judi powers mis-matched beryl crystal earringgs
She recently posted this photo on Instagram highlighting rings in an analogous color scheme. I can’t decide which is my favorite. Do you have one?

judi powers rings
And are you a fan of flowers? Then you’ll enjoy these bracelets and rings from her Impatiens collection, which come in gold and silver with mocha diamond accents.

judi powers impatiens collection
Though I could have stayed and chatted (and tried on jewlery) all day, I had to get going. Judi, it was an absolute pleasure meeting you! Thank you for sharing your story and jewelry with me.

amy roseveare and judi powers

6 thoughts on “Judi Powers: Designer”

    1. I KNEW that would be your favorite piece, mom. 😉 And I know — shocking to not see me in black, right?

  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit with me in Las Vegas. It was a huge treat to meet you in person and play jewelry dress up. Your kind words about my jewelry mean the world to me! (And your mom is right, that blue is gorgeous on you!) Thank you again! xo

  2. Loved all of them! I have a pin that reminds me so much of the tree necklace except mine has more leaves and green-gold tint. Love the earrings and stacked rings. Great, great pieces Amy. I look forward to your posts so much. 🙂

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