What’s Your Opinion???: Jewelry Judge

Ok…so I was meeting a friend for lunch downtown the other day. While waiting for her, I spied this gal pushing her baby carriage toward the door. Granted, I give her two big thumbs up for being “dressed up” with an infant — a feat to be applauded! So her jewelry struck me, and I was honestly not the big fan. I thought the cheap-looking bejeweled neon necklace really competed with the gold monogram necklace. In combination with the striped tee and the ruffled military jacket, I just thought it was a bit…uh…trying too hard. I think it would have been perfect minus the orange necklace.

SO interesting, though, that when my friend arrived (mid-photo shoot), she was completely in love with the look. So what’s your take? Thumbs up or down?

jewelry judge
What’s your vote??

8 thoughts on “What’s Your Opinion???: Jewelry Judge”

  1. Tracy e-mailed me: My vote is thumbs down. The look/feel of the orange necklace doesn’t relate to the gold mongram one. I love layering but this is a bit too much of a stretch for me.

  2. I also heard from Marjorie: I totally agree with your assessment. Even the lightweight monogram would not have worked with me. I would have liked to see perhaps a single letter, with much more weight…

  3. Agree – it’s too much. I also agree with Marjorie – a single, weightier letter would be better. But I do agree with your thought that at least she made an effort – kudos for that!

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