“The Entertainer”: Jewelry Judge

While shopping with a client at the Westfield Mall on Market Street in San Francisco, my attention (momentarily) strayed from my client when I spotted this man. With a heavyweight boxing belt, massive faux gold chains, and an oversized wall clock hung around his neck, how could I NOT notice?!

the entertainer 1

the entertainer 2

Throw in the bedazzled top hat, the huge gold-tone watch and the weighty ring, this guy was truly a jewelry conundrum! During our brief chat, I don’t know if he was all-together “there,” yet he was cheerful as can be and kept reiterating that he was The Entertainer! Though I have no idea what his act actually is, he certainly entertained me. While I would not recommend his taste in accessories, I think it’s great that it clearly makes him happy. He could not stop smiling. That’s what life is all about, isn’t it?

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