The Brace-ring: Jewelry Judge

During my stay in NYC recently, I spent some time browsing the upscale shops on the Upper East side. Every high-end designer seems to have an outpost there, and the clientele to match.

While in one of these boutiques, I spotted this woman. Now granted, the initial thing that grabbed my attention was the layers of brightly-colored necklaces she was wearing. But as my eye scanned down, I was fixated on the the combination bracelet/ring ensemble she was sporting. (These are also known as slave bracelets.)

jewelry judge
I’m a bit confused by this….

She said that it was not overly comfortable (I can only imagine). She also complemented this dual-purpose jewelry with a very colorful manicure, which sadly isn’t showing in the photo.

I really don’t think I’m a fan of this look. Perhaps if this was her ONLY accessory, or if it were a simpler design in combination with everything else going on with her look. What about you? I’d love to hear your opinion!

4 thoughts on “The Brace-ring: Jewelry Judge”

  1. I’ve though about making a slave bracelet but it isn’t a look that I could pull off. It never occurred to me that it could also be uncomfortable. At least you saved me the trouble 🙂

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