Talisman Necklace: Jewelry Judge

I was intrigued by the necklace this woman was wearing. Upon closer inspection, it was truly a necklace of varied talismans, from far and wide, and with much significance for its owner.

talisman necklace
What a collection of stories and meanings!

The first charm the caught my attention was one I had certainly never seen before…that of a liver! You’re reading it correctly, a human liver! And love the inscription on the back. Given that I was viewing this at a cocktail party, I can only hope the “protection” rubbed off on me!

liver charm
Have you ever seen anything like this?

There was also this cool-looking gold-filled canister. Apparently it’s a Thai amulet, and the designer offers it as a $20K life insurance policy! Wonder if State Farm would buy into that. 😉

thai amulet
Thai protection

Finally, the red eyes of the wolf pendant seemed to be looking straight into my eyes. It was given to the woman by an Alaskan shaman.

wolf charm
This is a serious charm!

I love how personal this necklace is, and how the owner really has captured so much that is near and dear to her heart. Given that it’s on a long chain, I know that it’s often hidden beneath her clothing, but I know that SHE knows it’s there. Cheers!

3 thoughts on “Talisman Necklace: Jewelry Judge”

  1. This is really fun! I bet most people have small talismans in their jewelry boxes. I feel like I could do something like this with what I already own and just add to it as time goes on…
    Great post!

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