Silver Combination: Jewelry Judge

Hitting all the stores we could find, my cousins and I found ourselves in the Eileen Fisher store in downtown Seattle during our girl’s weekend. Though the clothes were lovely, I was more interested in the cool silver combination that one of the sales women was wearing.

silver layered necklaces

silver jewelry

I love how she paired such a delicate necklace with a more substantial piece. And the main pendant is in perfect harmony with the print of her shirt. Then with the addition of the extra-long chain earrings, the edgy glasses and the mussed-just-so pixie cut, I thought she just looked fabulous. What do you think? Thumbs up?

2 thoughts on “Silver Combination: Jewelry Judge”

  1. One reader just sent this comment in: Earrings out of balance to her delicate bone structure when wearing the heavy necklace. They’re too much with the glasses.

    Thanks for the feedback–love differing opinions!

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