Floral & Chain Bib Necklace: Jewelry Judge

Yes, I was trying on shoes…again…some things never change. But across the aisle to another bank of couches, my eyes were glued on this major necklace. The scale with it’s floral motif and layered chains really takes the bib necklace to a whole new level. If you’re wearing a simple tee (as this gal was), there’s no need for further embellishment!

boston proper necklace
This is a show stopper!!

What’s your opinion? Love it or take a pass?

6 thoughts on “Floral & Chain Bib Necklace: Jewelry Judge”

    1. Ana Maria e-mailed me and said, “Love it!!” This is one great thing about jewelry…different things appeal to different people. Variety is what makes the world go round!! 🙂

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