Delicate Layers: Jewelry Judge

I was at the wrap desk at a boutique in Montecito paying for a blouse, when I was distracted the young 20-something salesgirl’s artfully layered necklaces. While I wouldn’t have necessarily thought to have put them together, I really admired the result! One was on a silver chain, one on a gold chain. One was a classic design, the other quite bohemian. Yet, they somehow worked together beautifully. Come to find out, the pave diamond and turquoise necklace was designed by her mother, a jewelry designer…clearly the jewelry gene is in the blood.

layered necklaces
Unexpected combination

2 thoughts on “Delicate Layers: Jewelry Judge”

    1. Kristin, it does help to have necklaces with some sort of pendant, or weight at the bottom. This keeps the main one or two necklaces in place, and then the lighter ones sort of lay over it. But some tangling still may occur–the price we pay to look stylish! 😉

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