Boho Chic: Jewelry Judge

During my recent girl’s weekend in Seattle, I finally got to visit Les Amis in the Fremont neighborhood. Just reading the list of clothing designers that they carry which I love (Gary Graham, Pas de Calais and No.6 to name a few), I was psyched to walk in their darling front door. So I guess that I shouldn’t be surprised that one of the cool sales gals rocked my boho world with her jewelry choices. First of all, I loved her statement necklace by Annie Costello Brown worn with a simple cream top.

annie costello brown necklace
Then, as she began writing up my receipt (because you just KNOW I went home with a couple amazing tops!) I was mesmerized by her eclectic ring combination. It takes an expert to combine a midi ring, a couple oversized rings and a wedding ring set with such panache.

les amis ring stock
I thought that this gal did an amazing job at expressing her unique personal style. In addition, she was the perfect fit for the store (perhaps she was the owner?? didn’t askā€¦). It has inspired me to take a closer look at how to combine the rings in my jewelry box, for sure. What do you think of her choices?

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