Accessories for Canning Tomatoes?!

When Jeff casually asked what I was up to today, I mentioned that I’d be helping my mom can 100 pounds of stewed tomatoes. (Gotta love having a mom who’s 100% Italian!) Of course his response was, “Is there specific jewelry for that?” I had to laugh…but really, when am I EVER without jewelry?! I had to forgo a watch, bracelets or a ring, but I definitely managed to wear a big pair of hoop earrings. I told you hoops could really take you anywhere. 🙂

canning tomatoes
Accessorized even when canning

2 thoughts on “Accessories for Canning Tomatoes?!”

  1. Now this makes me smile and my heart happy!!!
    I love your blogs and look forward to the quick and informative read!

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