How to build a watch wardrobe

I don’t know what it is with the men in my life, but both my boyfriend and my brother don’t wear a watch. What’s up with that? Not only is a watch useful, but it’s a major fashion accessory in the jewelry world. I mean really…who would turn down a chance to bling it up a bit more?!

So the first watch every girl needs is an everyday watch. This is a timepiece in a medium scale, preferably with a metal band. If you’re wondering what metal is best, remember that cool skin tones look best in silver tones and warm with yellow gold. If you’re a combination, like I am, then a mixed metal watch might just be the ticket. And don’t be scared of having diamonds on your daily watch–diamonds are never wrong.

Two-tone metal watch

Now let’s say you have to go to a cocktail party, and you actually want to know what time the main course will be served without pulling out your iphone. Well for that you will most definitely need a dress watch. What distinguishes a dress watch from it’s everyday counterpart is basically the scale. Dress watches are much more petite, and in my (dream) world are encrusted with diamonds. Bedat & Co. makes some great evening watches with interchangeable bands. You can opt for the black satin band one night, and the silver the next.

Bedat & Co. dress watches

So what’s this about interchangeable bands? Well let me tell you, they are tres chic. The first one I discovered was quite a few years ago in Nordstrom. My mom and I were shopping and I fell in love with this Michelle “Deco” watch with a camel faux-alligator strap. Knowing this wouldn’t coordinate with my entire wardrobe, I was thrilled to find out that it could be easily switched out with a stainless band. So if you can find an “everyday” watch with an interchangeable band, you’ve just really enhanced the breadth of your watch wardrobe. Personally, I’m just dying for a stingray (otherwise known as shagreen) band. Not only is this one of the most durable materials around, but they are just GORgeous!

Michelle "Deco" watch with silver stainless band

The other watch that I cannot BELIEVE that I’m recommending is a sport watch. You may have read about this in my post about hiking jewelry. The Baby G has become my friend…not just when hiking, but also when doing anything where my regular watch might get damaged, like babysitting, lounging by the pool, or hunting for beach glass in Fort Bragg. Now if only I could find one with diamonds, I’d be set….

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  1. For some odd reason I think a hiking watch makes much more sense than I thought it would. I guess I’m getting used to the idea of hiking jewelry after I picked myself off the floor laughing. You’re getting to have a big effect on my jewelry knowledge, Amy – you’re good!!!

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