Dezso by Sara Beltran

If you know me or have been following me for a while, then you’re aware that the ocean and jewelry are two of my favorite things in life. When you combine the two, I’m in heaven, which is exactly how I feel about Dezso by Sara Beltran. The first time I saw images of her pieces a few years ago, I tracked down where they were sold, because I had to see them in person! While on vacation down in Santa Barbara I made a side trip to a boutique in a nearby town who carried her line. They did have two of her rings (which unfortunately didn’t fit me), but I was on the quest for her colorful Mexican bracelets, which is what she first became known for.

dezso by sara beltran bracelets
The way she combines the woven bracelets with the carved shell amulets, inlaid with polki diamonds, is luxe and beachy at the same time. What more could I want? Though I didn’t make a purchase that day, I knew that one day I’d have to own something by her. I was thrilled to see she was on the roster for Couture this year. Meeting her, and her production woman, Regina, was awesome. They are both so down to earth, and I could have chatted with them all day.


Regina, Sara, and Amy
Regina, Sara, and Amy

Though Sara began her career as a stylist, she made the full-time switch to jewelry designing in 2009. While she was studying fashion merchandising, she started making necklaces. One of the first times she was noticed for her jewelry was when photographer Bruce Weber spotted her wearing one of her own designs and wanted it. Nice!

Her line is inspired by the ocean, and her travels around the globe to different beaches surely provide her with endless ideas. She prefers to use natural materials, from fossils to shark teeth. This one-of-a-kind necklace is made from a boar tusk with polki diamonds. Notice the shark fin detail carved into the gold. This is a motif seen in many pieces in her collection.

dezso by sara beltran necklace
I’ve never seen coral and diamonds used in such an imaginative way in a ring, have you?

dezso by sara beltran ring
This necklace, with it’s deep purple hue, even has a surprise on the back, with Sara’s signature and another diamond.

dezso by sara beltran necklace
back of necklace
This is the “tiara” necklace, with gold shark teeth and diamonds. It’s definitely fit for a royal mermaid!

dezso by sara beltran necklace
She was showing a lovely collection of charms, which I think is a great way to start adding some Dezso (the Latin word for desire) to your life.

charms by dezso by sara beltran
She also has numerous cuffs, with organic forms on either end — perfect in a stack or on their own.

dezso by sara beltran bracelets
Art Deco is also an influence in this line, as seen in these pearl drop earrings. She has her signature shark fin motif in enamel combined with Tahitian pearls. It takes true creativity to blend Art Deco with the ocean, and she nails it.

dezso by sara beltran diamond and pearl drop earrings
This “Jali Collar” necklace displays the same idea, in her signature rose gold, black enamel and diamonds.

dezso by sara beltran jali collar
Sara has an studio in the CFDA building in NYC, though she is primarily based in Jaipur, India, where production takes place. Her passion and creativity go beyond jewelry. In speaking with her, I learned she recently styled an entire hotel in Saint-Tropez from furniture to curating the menu. Amazing!

If you’d like a glimpse into her exotic life, you may enjoy following her on Instagram. I love her artistic photographs and catching a peek into what inspires her. And of course…seeing the jewlery.


One of her Instagram shots
One of her Instagram shots

Dezso by Sara Beltran is sold in various stores around the globe. (Click here for a list of stockists.) If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area, I know that Angela in Menlo Park also just started carrying some of her work. I’ll definitely be stopping by to see what they have!

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  1. I love the woven friendship bracelets shown on your web page. Any chance of buying them all? Or at least point me in the directions where I could fine them. Angela doesn’t have many choices right now.

    Would you please email me directly.

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