D.L. Rhein: Creative Jewelry Display!

I love when I can take some time to explore new shops, and it’s even more fun when I’m on vacation. While cruising around different places in Los Angeles, I came across a small store on W. 3rd Street called D.L. Rhein.

Filled with delightful decor objects, heavenly smelling candles, and beautiful scarves, there was more that the eye could take in during just one swing around the place! No surprise, I made a bee-line for the jewelry, which was displayed in such a creative way — on a baker’s rack!

Way to maximize display space!
Way to maximize display space!

Each tray was filled with tiny, white rocks, and the necklaces were carefully laid out on each tray, organized by color. So fun! It was a visual feast.

d.l. rhein jewelry tray

d.l. rhein jewelry tray

It was so easy to pull out each tray to inspect the treasures. I love that whenever you travel, you see things that you’ve never seen before…even a clever way to show jewelry.

3 thoughts on “D.L. Rhein: Creative Jewelry Display!”

  1. I’ll never look at baker racks the same again. This is random but the baker’s rack I see the most is in Petaluma at Della Fattoria. AND, there’s a great jewelry store right down the street that you might want to check out! I bought a cuff there that I wear all the time. And a ring as well. Maybe you need to drive north!

  2. Hi Amy, thanks so much for writing about our store in your recent post. Being in a small space ignites lots of creativity for display. And these bakers racks were the perfect solution!!

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