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Have you ever looked at a ring on your finger and wondered how it was actually made? Heck, even the process of sizing a ring seems quite mysterious to me! Well this week, San Francisco jewelry designer Corey Egan released a killer video of what exactly goes into handcrafting jewelry. Her husband, Ryan Leggett, was the man behind the camera, and I think they did a fabulous job!

corey egan at the bench
Corey told me, “He filmed me in my element, my downtown San Francisco studio, for three days to capture the footage…you get to see scenes of carving wax for casting, soldering, stone setting, and a look at my manufacturing space.” So without further ado, here’s the video. Sit back, and enjoy this 3 minute journey into the world of jewelry.

Corey Egan Jewelry from coreyegan on Vimeo.


Wasn’t that so cool?! (And did you watch it more than once, like I did??) It’s amazing to me how many tools and machines are used in the process. It’s a real science.

Here’s a look at some of the finished pieces which were shown in the video.

corey egan ring
corey egan necklace
corey egan diamond ring
If you’d like to see more of her collection, you can browse and shop on her website, or click here for a list of stockists.

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  1. Fabulous video – enjoyed it immensely as I had no idea of the process. I will look at my jewelry in a different light now. Thanks, Amy!!

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