Chevron Jewelry Trend

Ok, I must admit that I’m having a bit of a moment with jewelry sporting a chevron pattern. It began when I started seeing chevron motifs in my home decor magazines — on walls, on floors, on linens, everywhere! The inverted “V” design caught my attention!

Cool geometry!
Cool geometry!

Interior design and fashion have always been closely intertwined, so it’s no surprise that I’m seeing this pattern everywhere, including while shopping in SF this past Saturday afternoon. (My client giggled when I accosted this shopper!) This woman paired her Gorjana necklace (purchased on with a dainty star necklace. Side bar: If you are not a member of Gilt yet, then join!! I’ve found some amazing pieces of jewelry there, including my vintage Hermes bracelet. Yet I digress…

gorjana chevron necklace

The chevron has been around since 1800 BC, so it’s certainly not anything new, but I think the way different designers are interpreting the theme are uber cool. Case and point, this beautiful ring by India Hicks. (yes, the same India Hicks that was a member of Princess Diana’s wedding party)

india hicks chevron ring

I think this pattern is very delicate, yet a bit edgy with it’s geometric angles. This bracelet by Nashelle would be ideal for stacking.

nashelle chevron bracelet

I’ve also been spying all sorts of permutations of chevron rings. Some are stacked, some are knuckle rings (we’ll visit this trend soon) and I’m loving it!

chevron rings

I’m finding pieces that would appeal to various personal styles. These earrings by Nest definitely have a more tribal, ethnic feel.

nest gold chevron earrings

As with all trends, you can find examples at every price point. This stunning necklace by Brooke Gregson shines in rose gold with labradorite and diamonds.

brooke gregson necklace

So have you purchased any chevron pieces lately? I’d love to see them — send photos!

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  1. I love these looks and didn’t realize that fashion and interior design were linked. My first “learn” of the day 🙂

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