Bling for Your Dog: Limitless Pawsibilities

Though I don’t have a pet, I can certainly appreciate that those who do may want their four-legged friend to sparkle like they do! Limitless Pawsibilities is a Dublin, California-based company that, “…strives to support dog owners in having a positive bond and healthy relationship with their dog through understanding, positive training, and management strategies.” Along with their training services, this month they are launching a new part of their site, which has the perfect dog tags for your pampered pooch. Here’s Echo, modeling one of the designs.

limitless pawsibilities dog tag
limitless pawsibilities dog tag
Certified dog trainer, Julee Samuli (who I’ve known since middle school) is the talent behind this new product. You can select from a variety of tag shapes, different metals, and fun stamps to really express your dog’s style.

tag shapes
design stamps
Then you can even add little decorative charms to make it even more fun.

dog tag charms
dog tag charms
There are so many choices on the site, so definitely check it out. Julee designs both single and double-sided tags. If you’re stumped on what choice to make, then Julee can come up with a “surprise me” design of her choice, and I’m sure you’ll be pleased with what arrives in your mailbox!

limitless pawsibilities dog tags
Please send me a photo of your pet wearing one of these darling tags! And if you’re looking for a unique gift for a pet-loving friend this coming holiday season, this would be ideal.


Julee Samuli and her pals
Julee Samuli and her pals


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  1. These are outstanding!!!
    I have so many dog friends and can’t wait to start shopping for them.
    This is exciting, thanks for sharing.

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