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I’ve been wracking my brain trying to come up with an accurate description of Anthony Lent’s jewelry line — it’s insanely detailed, often outside the box, and unlike anything I’ve seen before. Here’s an excerpt from his website, “He has dedicated his life to the painstaking transformation of visionary images into intricate pieces of wearable art that are among the most detailed and conceptually profound works of jewelry being made today.” Word!

Having studied in both Philadelphia and Germany, Anthony has been designing jewelry for almost 50 years. His sons, David and Max, have joined the entourage and together they’ve been working on the brand since 2013. I feel privileged to have met the family and seen their work at the Couture show.


Max Lent, Anthony Lent, Amy Roseveare and David Lent
Max Lent, Anthony Lent, Amy Roseveare and David Lent

Let’s dive into some of the pieces I admired. First up is this “adorned hands” ring with a blue moonstone at its heart. The way the bejeweled hands lovingly hold up the center is simply exquisite.

anthony lent adorned hands ring
anthony lent adorned hands ring, side view
Or what about this darling gold frog on a leafy, diamond-enhanced ring with a huge fire opal?

anthony lent fire opal ring
I have an increasing affinity for skull jewelry, and I didn’t want to take this skull ring off. I kept playing with how the light reflected through it.

anthony lent skull ring
Anthony is very well known for his work with Damascus Steel. It’s a layered steel that you may have seen before in quality knives. Each piece is like a slice of wood and will look different from any other slice.

anthony lent damascus valcuna ring
Faces are a popular motif in the line. Here’s three different (aptly named) “brickface” rings.

anthony lent brick face rings
How about a couple faces dangling from your earlobes?

anthony lent earrings
Focusing on a single part of the face is also one of Anthony’s fortes. Love these “wandering eye” rings — and, yes, I turned the little one upside down so it could “wander” in the other direction. 😉

anthony lent wandering eye rings
I also want to share the “emotions” ring with you. Since there’s no way I can top the description from their website, I’ll share that with you, “The faces in the Anthony Lent Emotions Ring represent the confrontation of “the common eye” with “the uncommon eye,” or with the multiple ways of perceiving and feeling differently about the same thing. The faces evoke a dream state in which ones identity dissolves as well as the open possibilities of psychedelia. They are, perhaps, an expression of what it feels like to experiment with new ideas, strange ideas, and possibly uncomfortable ideas. Some people are afraid of their emotions, after all, and afraid to look into the darker corners of the human psyche. This design is a confrontation with our emotional comfort zone and a celebration of the new dimensions of experience that stepping outside of it enables us to visit.” Did you know that a single piece of jewelry could say so much? Now you know why I love it.

anthony lent emotions ring
If you’d like to keep up with the latest from Anthony Lent jewlery, I suggest following his Instagram page. What you’ve seen in this article is just the tip of the Anthony Lent iceberg.

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  1. Trying to organize my thoughts about this post re: Anthony Lent’s work. I’ve been in love with what he creates for some time. The hands holding the jewel so lovingly. The emotions ring. The froggy with the fire opal – the stone looks very much like one of my fire opals, btw, such life! Thank you, Amy for sharing this. More when I can fully process the beauty!

  2. wow, I will follow him. Hope there is somewhere near I can see some in person. Combo of talent with gold and expression. Rare and very good.

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