Alternative Piercings

While tattoos and piercings used to be just for the “renegade,” it’s certainly now part of main-stream society. And as time goes by, it seems the piercings I’m seeing get even more creative. (One can only guess the piercings that are not visible in regular clothes!) Here’s someone who recently rang me up at Home Goods in Cupertino.

alternative piercing

And I shared an elevator with this darling gal the other day at the Westfield Mall in San Francisco. I had never seen this area pierced before — sort of the skin between your upper lip and your top teeth. (She claimed that her ring didn’t interfere with eating, brushing, etc.)

alternative piercing

Here’s another unique look on a handsome gentleman.

unique piercings

And surely you’ve seen people with these ear bars, right?


And even those who have removed the gauges in their ears…

ear gauges

While I know that jewelry is one of the most amazing outlets for personal expression, I also know that sometimes ones personal style is not quite right for ones workplace. Should your profession dictate how your express yourself? Is it more important to suppress your true self for the situation you’re in? Or should you go balls out for what you think is awesome? What’s your opinion? Dying to know your thoughts on the subject — please share!

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  1. Hmmmm……. I’m too old fashioned but I would say in moderation and if you can’t see them while wearing street clothes, go for it 🙂

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