Not Your Grandmother’s Pearls: Modern Pearl Designs

Do you consider yourself a pearl girl? (Yes, Jen, I see you nodding your head.) I’ve never had a strong affinity for them personally, as most of the designs I saw growing up were too traditional for my taste. It’s just not my personal style to wear an heirloom strand of white pearls or a pair of round stud earrings, as lovely as they are. But let me tell you that the tide is turning, and I’m seeing some sleek, … Continue reading

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Accessorize Me: Bejeweled Sneakers

Many people associate sneakers with the gym or uber-casual clothing, but I’m here to tell you that you can really elevate your sneaker look. A few years ago, I spotted many stylish sneaker looks on women in Stockholm and Copenhagen. With the increasing popularity of sneakers here in the States, I even started a whole Pinterest board last fall called Sneaker Chic. The key to looking pulled together is pairing them with an outfit with clean lines and in predominantly solid … Continue reading

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My Nonie’s Engagement Ring: A Sentimental Treasure

I spent countless weekends at my Italian grandparent’s house in Los Gatos while growing up. I have so many vivid and cherished memories of the time spent there. Whenever my little brother and I would arrive, we’d run into my Nonie’s closet to get a piece of Chiclets gum she always had in her purse. Just typing that sentence, I can feel the crackly texture and whoosh of mint as I would bite into it. We loved to go feed … Continue reading

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Freestone Peach Bangles

I was on Instagram scrolling through my feed three weeks ago, and it sort of went like this…cute, ‘like’…funny, ‘comment’…still scrolling…why did they post that?!…still scrolling…Holy Cow–what am I looking at?!? (almost drop phone) This is the image posted on Liz Kantner’s page of two of the most unique bangles I’ve ever laid (virtual) eyes on! The designer is Freestone Peach, and I had to find out more! Joel Adam Baynard, the master behind Freestone Peach, did not set out … Continue reading

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August Birthstone: Peridot

Since August began, my Instagram feed has been full of sparkling peridot jewlery, honoring the birthstone for the month of August. Around August third I had one of those “Doh!” moments. Here I’ve been blogging about jewelry for over four years, and never have I written a series of articles about the birthstones for each month. (Sometimes my blondness amazes me.) So I’m very excited to explore the gems for each month, and we start with the peridot, which I … Continue reading

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Marli: An NYC Gem!

Do you recall seeing Jennifer Hudson in this fabulous necklace at the Grammy’s? It was one of my favorite looks of the evening, and this year at Couture, I was able to meet Maral Artinian, the co-founder and curator of Marli, the name behind the diamonds. Marli elegantly combines minimalism with architectural and pop-culture inspiration in 18K gold and diamonds. Though Maral studied psychology in Montreal, she has found her passion in jewelry. It must be in the blood, as … Continue reading

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Hair Jewelry: Keep it Cool This Summer

When I arrived at a client’s house last week to do some closet work, she greeted me at the door in one of her stylin’ tennis ensembles. As she turned around to head to the closet, I had to smile. She was sporting a ponytail holder that featured a HUGE faux green gem (like an enormous green diamond solitaire), and it spoke volumes — it showed her fun, colorful personality without her having to open her mouth. In addition, it was a creative … Continue reading

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Do You Clean Your Jewelry?

While at the Couture show in Vegas, I made it a point to stop by the Sparkle + Shine lounge. I must admit, that although I’m a total jewelry-o-holic, I’m not the best at cleaning my collection. What about you? Is this an area you can improve upon as well? I asked Kristie Nicolosi, President and CEO of The Kingswood Company, some questions about cleaning jewelry, and here’s what she had to say: I know with summer upon us, our … Continue reading

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Jacquie Aiche’s Hot New Designs

You may recall reading about Jacquie Aiche about a year ago, when I posted an article about her here on the blog. I was eager to visit her at Couture this year to see her latest and greatest, and she did not disappoint! Before I could start looking around, I had to first inspect what she, herself, was wearing! Did she really bling out an antique watch? Yes…she did! Her crystal necklaces wrapped in diamonds are dreamy–shown in the bottom … Continue reading

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Dezso by Sara Beltran

If you know me or have been following me for a while, then you’re aware that the ocean and jewelry are two of my favorite things in life. When you combine the two, I’m in heaven, which is exactly how I feel about Dezso by Sara Beltran. The first time I saw images of her pieces a few years ago, I tracked down where they were sold, because I had to see them in person! While on vacation down in Santa … Continue reading

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