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Jewelry Inspired by The Golden Globes

For many years now, I’ve been live tweeting the Red Carpet for the major awards shows and then writing an article about the jewels worn by the stars. To be honest, this year I decided I just wanted to watch the show and enjoy it. (Boy was it a nice change!) In fact, I wasn’t planning on writing any article having to do with the Golden Globes at all. But that’s before a few stars wore jewelry that really inspired … Continue reading

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Emmy Awards 2016: Statement Earrings

I don’t think I’ve ever written about Emmy jewelry, but since it was too hot to hike today, I found myself glued to the Red Carpet instead. So glad I had the opportunity, as I’m finally seeing the return of larger scale earrings! Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my stud earrings, but I think bigger earrings are ideal for the awards, and I know we’ll be seeing more of them out on the street as well. In fact, … Continue reading

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Academy Awards 2016 Jewelry Report

Though there may not be a lot of diversity among the Academy Award nominees this year, this was certainly not the case on the Red Carpet tonight. Actresses expressing their personal style was the trend of the evening. There was a range from traditional to glamorous to more fashion forward. Some women were bedazzled head-to-toe, yet others were virtually bling-free. I’ve selected seven women to comment upon. Though they may not all resonate with my own personal style, I think … Continue reading

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Golden Globes 2016 Jewelry Report

The Red Carpet is my favorite part of awards season. Typically, I haven’t watched most of the shows or movies nominated for awards, but boy do I like seeing what the stars are wearing as they arrive! Tonight’s Red Carpet at the Golden Globes did not disappoint, though I was a biiiit worried the first 15 minutes or so. There were so many naked necks! But things quickly heated up, and there were 8 looks that really stood out for … Continue reading

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My 10 Most Popular Posts in 2015

The big mirrored ball is going to drop soon in NYC, so I thought it was the perfect time to reflect on my blog and take a look at which articles really struck a chord with you, my fabulous readers, this past year. I’m always intrigued to see what was a hit (and what wasn’t). I’m especially surprised 5 articles I wrote in back 2013 and 2014 hit the top 10 this year– go figure! (Proof that everything lives forever on the … Continue reading

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Oscar 2015 Jewelry Report

I was pleasantly surprised at the jewelry seen on the red carpet this year– people were bringing it for the Oscars! And they should, as this is the mother of all award shows, right?! I definitely saw a few trends emerge as the evening progressed. Of course, there were many ear climbers and fabulous bracelet stacks, yet I want to focus on these three trends: diamond ear clusters, memorable necklaces, and swinging earrings. Diamond Ear Clusters I vividly remember my … Continue reading

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Golden Globe 2015 Jewelry Report

It’s true, I probably didn’t pick the best time to start my 6 loads of laundry right at 3:00, when the E! Channel was starting their red carpet report for the Golden Globes. (But I was seriously on my last pair of underwear, so a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!) Since the laundry room in my building is down a few flights of stairs from my apartment, let’s just say I got my cardio in while running … Continue reading

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Oscars 2014 Red Carpet Report

When I reported on the Golden Globes earlier this season, I was definitely underwhelmed by the lack of glitz on the red carpet. Well my faith in the sparkle of Hollywood has been restored tonight. The carpet was just dripping in diamonds and embellished dresses, and thankfully studs were not the earring du jour. I think one of my favorite looks was worn by Cate Blanchett (kudos on the award!!). The luminescent paillettes on her nude-colored Giorgio Armani gown came … Continue reading

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Golden Globes 2014: Hits and Misses

I was brimming with excitement today waiting for the red carpet telecast to begin, pen and paper in hand…and I now have two full binder pages of notes to share with you! I thought there was a distinct lack of “major” jewelry this year. In fact, I was stunned at the number of women wearing stud earrings! Julia Roberts in Harry Winston. Reese Witherspoon, also in Harry Winston. (LOVE her Calvin Klein dress!) Sandra Bullock with black studs by Lorraine … Continue reading

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Oscars Red Carpet 2013: My Favorite Looks

Like some of you reading this, the red carpet is almost more entertaining for me than the actual awards show. So for almost three hours today, I sat glued to my TV, channel surfing between the E Channel and ABC, trying to make sure I didn’t miss a thing. Since I am a wardrobe stylist, I certainly was checking out all the gowns. But the jewelry-obsessed girl that I am, I was equally checking out the bling! I was quite … Continue reading

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