13 Sparkling Shoes Ready for the Red Carpet

How can it be that we’re only days away from the Academy Awards?! The gowns, the jewels….oh my! Just before the Golden Globes, I wrote about how your evening bag definitely counts as part of the bling for your attire. (Click here if you missed that article.) I’ve waited until the Oscar’s are upon us to comment about the other, yet equally important, non-jewelry item that definitely contributes to your bejeweled look. Yes, I’m talking about your shoes. (Totally get … Continue reading

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Shannon Koszyk: Designer

“Fortune favors the bold,” Shannon Koszyk told me when I met her at the JCK show, and her jewelry is certainly testament to this mantra! You may remember me writing about her WWI Victory Medal bracelet back in June of 2013. (Click here if you missed that story.) Excited to finally meet her in person, I was able to see how her collection is such a mix of raw and refined, light and dark, edgy and fashion forward. I was … Continue reading

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What is a Paraiba Tourmaline?

I first became entranced with the Paraiba tourmaline a couple years ago — its radiant, almost neon, hues of blue, green, and even violet are simply spectacular. But what is this stone, and how is it different that regular tourmalines, which are quite common in the jewelry world?   First of all, I needed to learn how to say it correctly, and let me tell you, I was way off! I thought it was “pa-RAI-ba”, but it’s in fact pronounced … Continue reading

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Giovanni Ferraris: Jewelry Designer

Giovanni Ferraris is one of the first people I interviewed at the Couture show, but I knew I had to wait until now to write about him. Why? Because we’re only two weeks out from the Academy Awards, and this Italian line is beyond red carpet worthy! There were so many devastatingly beautiful pieces, and I couldn’t help but picture different movie stars wearing them. This pair of earrings, in fact, won the Haute Couture award at the show — … Continue reading

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Ice, Ice Baby: Rock Crystal Jewelry

I know that much of the country is being slammed with snow and ice as of late, and it got me thinking about rock crystal (also known as quartz crystal), as it resembles ice. In fact, its name comes from the Greek word for ice, according to The Book of Stones by Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian (A great reference book!). I’ve always been drawn to the stone, from my fascination with crystal balls as a child, to the crystal pendants I wore … Continue reading

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Atelier Minyon

Did you see Jada Pinkett Smith wear this necklace on Gotham? Well I’ve seen it in person, and it is truly a sight to behold! This other-worldly creation comes from the mind and workbench of Alp Sagnak of Atelier Minyon. This Turkish designer, now with a flagship store in Soho in NYC (He has 6 stores in Turkey.) makes each and every piece by hand, and let me tell you that I’ve rarely seen such complex detail in jewelry. For instance, … Continue reading

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Flash Tattoos: Just a Flash in the Pan?

When spotted from across the room, I was wondering what this woman had around her neck. It wasn’t moving, so it couldn’t be an actual necklace. What was it? A flash tattoo. Flash Tattoos, a company founded in 2013 by Austin, Texas-based Miranda Burnett, has become a very hot trend, especially among the under-30 crew, and the beach community. It’s really quite clever, as you can get the look of a metallic tattoo or jewelry without the commitment to a … Continue reading

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5 Tips to Getting the Gift You Really Want

Now that the holiday frenzy has subsided, I’ve been catching up with friends — lunching, taking a hike, or whatever suits us. There have been various conversations about what they received from their significant other for Christmas/Hanukkah. Many had received a pricey piece of jewelry, yet it wasn’t what they would have necessarily picked for themselves. Now trust me, they are all very appreciative, and they were so grateful that their partner went to the effort of picking something out for them. … Continue reading

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Tribal Necklace: Jewelry Judge

As I entered one of my favorite restaurants on Burlingame Avenue for lunch the other day, my attention went straight to the necklace the lovely woman behind the counter was wearing. I loved the mixed media, the angles, the sparkle, and the scale. Then I started to take in the whole picture. I noticed that the cream tones in the rope were a nice blend with the off-white blouse she was wearing. And then my eyes drifted down to her … Continue reading

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McLees Jewelry Design MultiStrand Clasp

I’ve had quite a few readers contact me the past few years asking for advice on how to effectively layer necklaces without getting them all tangled up.  I’m here to share a solution to that question. I can’t even recall exactly how I first became (virtually) acquainted with Nancy McLees, but it’s likely through my Jewelry Fashion Tips Facebook page. (If you haven’t “liked” it, be sure to, as there’s 1-2 tantalizing images a day!) Nancy is the the designer and … Continue reading

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