WJA Designers by the Bay

This is the second year I’ve attended the Women’s Jewelry Association’s big event, Designers by the Bay. This event is truly a visual feast, held in the Shreve’s building near Union Square; it’s where Bay Area fine jewelry designers showcase their latest work. There was unfortunately no way to have an intimate look at every case during the time I was there, but there were four designers that really got my attention, and I was able to take a closer … Continue reading

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Anna Inspiring Jewellery: NYC

One of the things I loved about spending a week staying in the Meatpacking district in New York City was that there were tons of great shops just a stone’s throw from my hotel. Many, of course, are national chains, but others are quaint shops that I was so pleased to discover. One of my favorites was Anna Inspiring Jewellry, which my client and I were’t familiar with. Now, we’re both big fans. Here’s a photo from their website which will … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Piercings

Perhaps it’s Pinterest’s fault…months ago I started coming across photos of women with lovely, delicate ear piercings. Some had numerous, some just a few, but it got me thinking that this would be a fabulous way to get to wear more jewelry…petite raw diamond studs, perhaps a little diamond bar or hoop? Certainly nothing over-the-top — just tasteful with an urban bohemian flair. And then I noticed many of my friends (especially those in the jewelry business) had such creative combinations … Continue reading

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K/ller Collection @ Sucre in NYC

When I’m looking for new boutique to visit, I have a strategy. I usually start by picking a designer I love; in this case (while I was in New York City) I chose Raquel Allegra, a clothing designer that I have a very hard time finding in the SF Bay Area. My thinking is that if a boutique carries this line, then surely they’ll have other things that will interest me as well. So far, this strategy has worked out … Continue reading

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Orange is The New Bling

I’ve been inundated with the color orange as of late, between Halloween, the San Francisco Giant’s being in the World Series, the leaves changing outside my window…pretty much everywhere except in my jewelry box. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I rarely see jewelry with orange stones. Why is that? Is it a color many don’t prefer? Perhaps it’s because there aren’t as many varieties of stones with an orange hue? (In fact, how many … Continue reading

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Lovin’ Long Necklaces

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about some of the statement necklaces I saw while out and about in Union Square (aka, “my office”) — these were shorter, statement necklaces, which are great at bringing attention up to your face. I don’t want you to think that long necklaces are not chic as well. They are a cool centerpiece for an outfit, and they can elongate your whole silhouette. Here’s a few I spotted downtown today that caught my attention. This … Continue reading

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Urban Zen by Donna Karan

It was my last day in New York City before returning to San Francisco, and I wasn’t about to let the pouring rain deter me from hitting all the “must see” stores on my list. First up for the day was Urban Zen, an amazing concept store by designer Donna Karan. (Thanks to my friend, Michelle, for the hot tip!) When I spied this necklace through the front window, I knew I had found the place! This show-stopper is by Anna … Continue reading

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Spinelli Kilcollin Ring

Sometimes a girl has just got to splurge…perhaps a big pasta dinner, maybe a visit to a spa, or in my case, usually in the form of jewelry. I’ve had Spinelli Kilcollin on my radar for a while now, completely intrigued by his linked rings. Now trust me, I was certainly not planning on acquiring one of these beauties, but sometimes the jewelry stars just align, and who am I to fight it?! So here’s how it went down: -I received … Continue reading

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Nak Armstrong: Designer

My obsession with Nak Armstrong jewelry all started when I tried on this ring at Red Bird in Berkeley last year. (It’s the big one in the center of the stack.) I tried it on mixed with some of my own rings, gazed at it when worn on its own, and I must say that I’ve driven over the Bay Bridge more than once in the time since to visit my oh, so longed-for friend. I kid you not, that if … Continue reading

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Piling on the Rings in Soho: Jewelry Judge

Shopping in Soho is always one of the highlights when working in New York City. I love the uneven brick streets, the deeelish restaurants, and of course, visiting the boutiques. This trip my client and I stumbled across Zimmermann, a feminine and forward-thinking line from Australia. (Click here if you’d like a peek at the kick-a** dress my client purchased.) But I digress…the other thing that really got my attention was the hands of Ashley, the gal assisting us. Somehow, she was … Continue reading

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