Liz Kantner: A Week in the Life of her Ears

I first met Liz Kantner while at the Couture show in the Todd Reed booth. I liked her instantaneously. Since then, I’ve gotten to know her via social media, even though she’s based in Colorado and I’m here in California. I admire her personal style and how she just gets what’s cool, even if the rest of us don’t know it yet. Not only does she write an on-point jewlery blog, but she is also a jewelry consultant and jewelry-lover … Continue reading

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Brooke Gregson: Designer

I’ve had a crush on Brooke Gregson’s jewelry line for many years, and I was lucky to have the opportunity to meet her in person and play with her jewels at the Couture show. Does her name sound familiar to you? You may know her for her well-known woven silk bracelets with gemstones. Simply divine. If I had my dream, I’d probably pick this boulder opal ellipse silk and gold bracelet for myself. Isn’t it gorge?! The lovely Brooke was raised in … Continue reading

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Modern Day Cameo Rings

It’s likely that either you or someone in your family may have a vintage cameo in their jewelry box. They’ve been around for centuries, carved in a traditional manner and commonly found in the form of a brooch. Recently I’ve seen many rings I would consider a “modern cameo.” The first such ring I saw was at Metier in Hayes Valley (San Francisco) by Gabriella Kiss. Instead of a whole face, it features just one eye — another, with a tear falling … Continue reading

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Todd Reed: Designer

Todd Reed is quite a legend in the jewelry industry (and not just because of his wavy locks) — but rather for creating a line showcasing raw diamonds long before they were in the limelight. Little did he know the trajectory for his career would begin when he was only 10 years old and was mesmerized seeing a silversmith at work. Throughout his formative years, he was involved in creative endeavors such as leather work, sculpting and even graduating from the culinary … Continue reading

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March Birthstone: Aquamarine

Even though it’s not my birthstone I’m quite partial to the aquamarine, with its oceanic hues of light blue to blue-green. Named after the Latin word “aqua marinus,” meaning water of the sea, this stone is associated with all things ocean. It’s said to protect travelers on the sea, and those traveling near water. Aquamarines come from Brazil and Columbia and are part of the beryl family. Among the qualities associated with this birthstone are: -self-love -inspires truth and letting go -aids … Continue reading

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Selling Fine Jewelry on The RealReal

Back in May, I wrote an article about my attempts to sell jewelry which I no longer wanted. (Click here if you missed that post.) I thought I’d give you an update to let you know how it all went. I did manage to sell quite a bit of my costume jewelry on Threadflip, but that site is sadly no longer in business. (Do any of you have a lead on where to sell costume jewelry?)  The RealReal, on the other … Continue reading

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Academy Awards 2016 Jewelry Report

Though there may not be a lot of diversity among the Academy Award nominees this year, this was certainly not the case on the Red Carpet tonight. Actresses expressing their personal style was the trend of the evening. There was a range from traditional to glamorous to more fashion forward. Some women were bedazzled head-to-toe, yet others were virtually bling-free. I’ve selected seven women to comment upon. Though they may not all resonate with my own personal style, I think … Continue reading

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Sophie Buhai

She had me at her “egg” necklace — her signature piece. As soon as I came across it online, I knew I had to have one for myself. And let me tell you, when I received it, it did not disappoint! It has become one of my go-to necklaces. Sophie, formerly the co-creative director of Vena Cava, premiered her jewelry line just last spring. This week I received her e-mail newsletter showcasing her spring/summer ’16 line, and I just have to … Continue reading

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Sea Glass Gems from Davenport, CA

One of the definitions of a gem is, “..something prized especially for great beauty or perfection.” In my mind, sea glass definitely qualifies as a gem, although it may not be what initially comes to mind when picturing one. When I tell people I’m passionate about collecting sea glass, they likely picture me strolling along the beach, stopping here and there to pick up a piece. Well let me tell you, this is more what it looks like.   Welcome to … Continue reading

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February Birthstone: Amethyst

I suppose I should be an expert on amethyst, as my birthday is this month…but I’m not. I enjoyed researching this birthstone and going on my (much-loved) virtual shopping spree. Unlike so many stones which come in a wide range of colors, amethyst really sticks to the purple family, from lavender and lilac to deep purple and red-violet. The amount of iron in the quartz determines the shade of purple. Though I have heard of green amethyst over the years, I learned this … Continue reading

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