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Tips for Traveling with Jewelry

Part of my job as a personal wardrobe stylist is packing my clients for trips. I seem to be doing a lot of this lately, and when it comes to the jewelry, there are quite a few things to consider. I thought I’d share some of these points to ponder with you, as you may find yourself packing a suitcase for a trip of your own this summer! Your destination should determine what jewelry you bring Are you going to a luxury … Continue reading

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Pull-Out Jewelry Storage Panels

One of the things I love about my mom is her creative, artsy style. One of her style signatures is typically wearing some sort of statement necklace. They don’t have to be expensive, but they’ve got to have that “wow” factor — and trust me, she’s got quite an eclectic collection growing. The problem? They are not the easiest thing to store. Traditional jewelry boxes are definitely not an option. And though we did try to convert the top drawer … Continue reading

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Ring Cones for Chic Ring Display

Here’s the dilemma — how to still enjoy your rings you aren’t wearing? You can only have so many on at a time, right? But if I loved something enough to buy it, then I want to be able to gaze at its loveliness even if it’s not on my finger. The solution? Ring cones! For me, it started with a cute little dish I bought at The Gardener in Berkeley…but the bowl got too full…so I added a metallic ceramic … Continue reading

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Keeping Your Jewelry Safe

Somehow, 4 years have passed since I wrote an article about how to keep your jewlery safe. Given that this is a very important topic, I figured it was definitely time to re-visit the subject. Guest editor, Jennifer Bressie, has some wise words for us this week: You might be surprised by the chosen topic this time, as it seems I have kind of become known as the wacky sidekick from previous posts! As a lover of jewels, I can’t … Continue reading

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West Elm Jewelry Storage

I was perusing online for jewelry boxes for a client, and I was quite impressed with the offerings at West Elm. I’ve always liked this Brooklyn-based company for both their reasonable prices and their focus on sustainability. I wanted to share some of the items that I thought had some real style, as well as being user-friendly. Grand mirrored jewelry box Grand lacquer jewelry box Faux shagreen box (perfect for just a few key pieces kept on your dresser, and … Continue reading

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How to Care For and Store Pearls

I hope you read my recent article explaining what the different types of pearls are. (If you didn’t, click here for the full scoop.) Well now that you’ve purchased your lovely new necklace (or ring, or bracelet…), how do you take care of and store it? Well have you ever hear the saying, “Pearls should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off?” Well make that your mantra, and you’ve won half the battle. … Continue reading

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Adjustable Magnetic Jewelry Stand

Am I the only one whose mailbox gets swamped with catalogues? (I feel so bad for my mail carrier!) While many of them go straight into the recycle bin, I do take the time to peruse some of them, including Sundance. Last night while flipping through the pages of the latest issue, I came across this jewelry stand. At first, I couldn’t understand why the bars were slanted every which way. Then as I read the description, I realized that … Continue reading

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Tips for Preserving Your Jewelry

I’m excited to have a guest contributor today. Thanks to Emma for the informative article! Jewelry – we use it to express our individuality, to spice up an ensemble, to demonstrate our love to others and perhaps even to honor our lineage with heirlooms. With how much we love it, it’s surprising how so many of us fail to take proper care of the pieces we hold dear. Regular maintenance is certainly not difficult or time consuming, and it truly … Continue reading

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Organizing your Baubles!

Jewelry and organizing are two of my favorite things, so I was in heaven working with a client (and very dear friend) in the Santa Barbara area last week. She is combining items from a few households, trying to figure out what to keep and what to purge in every category, including her clothes, bathroom items, and linens, just to name a few. It’s a major project, to say the least! On one particular day, we decided to tackle her … Continue reading

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D.L. Rhein: Creative Jewelry Display!

I love when I can take some time to explore new shops, and it’s even more fun when I’m on vacation. While cruising around different places in Los Angeles, I came across a small store on W. 3rd Street called D.L. Rhein. Filled with delightful decor objects, heavenly smelling candles, and beautiful scarves, there was more that the eye could take in during just one swing around the place! No surprise, I made a bee-line for the jewelry, which was … Continue reading

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