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Hair Jewelry: Keep it Cool This Summer

When I arrived at a client’s house last week to do some closet work, she greeted me at the door in one of her stylin’ tennis ensembles. As she turned around to head to the closet, I had to smile. She was sporting a ponytail holder that featured a HUGE faux green gem (like an enormous green diamond solitaire), and it spoke volumes — it showed her fun, colorful personality without her having to open her mouth. In addition, it was a creative … Continue reading

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Do You Clean Your Jewelry?

While at the Couture show in Vegas, I made it a point to stop by the Sparkle + Shine lounge. I must admit, that although I’m a total jewelry-o-holic, I’m not the best at cleaning my collection. What about you? Is this an area you can improve upon as well? I asked Kristie Nicolosi, President and CEO of The Kingswood Company, some questions about cleaning jewelry, and here’s what she had to say: I know with summer upon us, our … Continue reading

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Jacquie Aiche’s Hot New Designs

You may recall reading about Jacquie Aiche about a year ago, when I posted an article about her here on the blog. I was eager to visit her at Couture this year to see her latest and greatest, and she did not disappoint! Before I could start looking around, I had to first inspect what she, herself, was wearing! Did she really bling out an antique watch? Yes…she did! Her crystal necklaces wrapped in diamonds are dreamy–shown in the bottom … Continue reading

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Dezso by Sara Beltran

If you know me or have been following me for a while, then you’re aware that the ocean and jewelry are two of my favorite things in life. When you combine the two, I’m in heaven, which is exactly how I feel about Dezso by Sara Beltran. The first time I saw images of her pieces a few years ago, I tracked down where they were sold, because I had to see them in person! While on vacation down in Santa … Continue reading

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Wearing a Ring on Your Wedding Finger if You’re Not Married

When I put out a call for topics in May, I received a great question from Marjory: OK, Amy… Here’s a question. What does a girl wear on her wedding band finger when she’s past the stage of wanting to get married again. Is it just a matter of individual taste or personal style? I love rings, but that finger feels naked! Should it be a statement ring, stacked or multiple small rings, any particular stones (like my birthstone)??? I’d … Continue reading

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My Life In Jewelry

Last week three of my fabulous blogger friends wrote fun articles entitled, “My Life in Hairstyles.” (The Flying Chalupa, Midlife Mixtape and Smacksy) Not only did I love seeing their life unfold right on the screen, but it got me to thinking about my own life and how jewelry has always been such a big part of it. So for your entertainment, here’s my life in jewelry…and clearly you get to see my hairstyles as well, the good and the not-so-good. … Continue reading

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Lydia Courteille: Designer

It’s not often I see a line which renders me speechless, but when I saw Lydia Courteille’s line at the Couture show, I was dumbstruck. This is something you’d see in a museum — certainly nothing like I’d ever seen in my day-to-day shopping. It’s completely fitting that her tag line on her website is “rare jewelry,” as that’s indeed what it is. And here I was, meeting Lydia and trying on her gems. Life is pretty darn amazing sometimes. This … Continue reading

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Subtle Star Jewelry in Honor of The Fourth of July

It is true… back in the 90’s when I taught third grade, I had a BIG collection of holiday jewelry. I had wood cut-out necklaces and earrings for every occasion, and even some battery-powered pieces that my students loved. Now that I’m no longer working with little ones, I gave away my collection long ago, because let’s face it…it’s clearly not my personal style! But that’s not to say that you can’t find a more subtle way to celebrate with … Continue reading

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