Statement Necklaces: Bling in Union Square!

As an image consultant and personal shopper, I think of Union Square in San Francisco as my “office.” While walking around pre-shopping for a client the other day, I was amazed at how many statement necklaces I spotted just within three hours. Of course, I wasn’t able to get a photo of all of them … Continue reading “Statement Necklaces: Bling in Union Square!”

Tiffany T Collection Launches!

I know many of you can likely tell me when and where you were when you either purchased or received your first piece of jewelry in the infamous Tiffany blue box. Perhaps a bean necklace by Elsa Peretti? An engagement ring? (Yes, that’s you, Brooke!) Or in my case, a pair of silver mesh dangling diamond-shaped earrings. Tiffany … Continue reading “Tiffany T Collection Launches!”