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Vintage Layers: Jewelry Judge

I’m working in NYC this week, and it’s truly shopping heaven for me. Hopping from Bergdorf’s (Kardashian sighting) to the Meatpacking (Paris Hilton sighting) to Soho is just so fun. And people watching is right up there with cool things to do in the city, in my book. I ran across 5th Ave. and practically knocked this gal over. I only had about 30 seconds to talk to her and snap her photo, but I really thought her two vintage … Continue reading

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Rock of Eden Bracelet Giveaway

Stacking bracelets is definitely on-trend, so you will be thrilled to see my latest giveaway…two gorgeous hammered silver cuffs by Rock of Eden. (If you didn’t catch my guest blog post on their site a couple weeks ago, click here.) This is a great online jewelry site, which sells both pieces that they design as well as some vintage treasures. It’s completely free to enter, so what do you have to lose? Katy Perry is also a fan of this … Continue reading

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5 Fab Pinterest Jewelry Boards

Since joining Pinterest at the end of 2012, I must say that it’s become quite the addiction. While I started with just jewelry boards, I’ve now expanded to 32 boards ranging from closets I covet to statuary. Who knew?! But I do love my 13 jewelry boards, and they give me great joy to build. I find my pins from all over the globe, but certain boards really speak to me. I follow boards that have a distinct point of … Continue reading

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Chevron Jewelry Trend

Ok, I must admit that I’m having a bit of a moment with jewelry sporting a chevron pattern. It began when I started seeing chevron motifs in my home decor magazines — on walls, on floors, on linens, everywhere! The inverted “V” design caught my attention! Interior design and fashion have always been closely intertwined, so it’s no surprise that I’m seeing this pattern everywhere, including while shopping in SF this past Saturday afternoon. (My client giggled when I accosted … Continue reading

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“Jewelry’s Shining Stars” by Beth Bernstein

Now for those of you who are my dedicated readers (many thanks), you know that I instantly had a jewelry-soul-sister connection when I read “A Charmed Life” by Beth Bernstein. Fast forward to Las Vegas this past spring, and Beth and I got to know each other a bit in person, bumping into each other at various designers’ booths at both the Couture and JCK jewelry shows. It’s amazing how we seem to gravitate to so many of the same … Continue reading

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Parulina’s Stunning Gems!

Parul “Kuki” Seth (Kuki being a nickname given to her by her grandfather) is the designer behind Parulina, a gorgeous line I explored while at the Couture show. The group that immediately grabbed my attention is the “Isle of Capri.” Perhaps it’s because Capri is one of my favorite places on the planet and that aqua is my favorite color — the jewelry just spoke to me. Take a look at these “Grace Kelly Cuffs.” Working with 18K gold and … Continue reading

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Efva Attling: Passion Cuff Rings

There are a few non-jewelry blogs I follow, and one is “French Kiss Life” by Tonya Leigh. She has this amazing view of life full of joie de vivre, and I always find inspiration from her blog posts. Her latest one is entitled 80 Mantras for the Elegant Lady. While I’m not necessarily into saying mantras on a daily basis, I still read through her list. One popped out BIG time for me…”I don’t have to be a good girl.” … Continue reading

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Boaz Kashi: Designer

Boaz Kashi is a famous household name in Israel, and I had the pleasure of meeting him stateside at the Couture jewlery show. This charming designer has an extremely unique line — it’s raw, edgy and sculptural all at the same time. I tried on this ring, with wrapped metal and stunning diamonds. Here’s another ring, which truly shows his unique aesthetic. Founded in 1889 by his grandfather, Boaz is a 3rd generation jeweler. He has been designing for about … Continue reading

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