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5 Tips for Jewelry You Don’t Want or Need

I hope the impending start of the new year finds you happy, healthy, and busy in your jewelry box! This is often the time when people want a fresh start, so they clean the house, organize the closet, and purge their homes of what they no longer want or need. But what about your jewelry collection?? I often advise clients to hang on to jewelry, even if they’re not currently wearing it. Not only does it take up a small … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!

Back when I taught third grade, there was sort of a Christmas “badge of honor” at my school. You see, there was this one family that had three children. Each year, the child would give his or her teacher one of their hand-crafted Christmas tree pins, carefully made by their mother and grandmother. As the years went by, these children had many teachers, so the number of faculty members festively walking around the halls with one of these special pins … Continue reading

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Alternative Bridal

Seeing that I’m a (single) wardrobe stylist and a jewelry blogger, people always assume that I know exactly what I want when it comes to the day that I get engaged. Shockingly, I still have no clue! So I’m always on the lookout for amazing rings, looking for inspiration. (Yes, I know that this is a “cart-before-the-horse scenario,” but a girl can dream, right?!) Last Friday I was doing some Christmas shopping in Union Square and along Fillmore Street, and … Continue reading

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Jewelry Box Basics: Santa Suggestions

So how is your holiday shopping going? If you’re like most Americans (myself included), there are definitely some more gifts to buy — perhaps for others or even for yourself! (I’m still working on my boyfriend gift this year.) With that in mind and only 9 more shopping days, I’ve been scouring all the latest and greatest items in the world of jewelry. With so many stunning choices, which way to turn? Well, whomever the gift is for, don’t forget … Continue reading

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Jill Sander Mannequin

So December comes along in the life of a personal shopper and wardrobe stylist…the majority of fall/winter clothes are going on sale, resort is coming in, and it’s pretty much chaos in downtown San Francisco. I’m tying up loose ends for my clients’ wardrobes, doing some holiday gift shopping, and trying to keep calm through it all — especially on a day like today, which was pretty much loco at Union Square. As I strolled along, taking calming breaths, I … Continue reading

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Skinny Stacking Rings: Mix ‘Em up!

Jewelry inspiration struck while working with one of my clients in NYC this season. I’ve always admired this stack she wears, with an inscribed ring for each of her four children, book-ended by two diamond eternity bands. While we were out shopping one afternoon in Soho, she picked up this skinny ring with a black diamond bar at Michele Varian. Paired with the slimmest of rings that she was already wearing, it felt just right. So back in California, I … Continue reading

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Rainbow Loom

Do you know what these are? If so, you are clearly someone in the KNOW! When my 5 year-old nephew and almost 9 year-old niece came over for Thanksgiving, these colorful rubber bands were soon scattered around the house. But…the “jewelry aunt” could hardly be upset, as it was all for the sake of jewelry! I’ve seen kids using the Rainbow Loom for quite some time, but this was the first time I’ve become acquainted with it first hand. I’m … Continue reading

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Moritz Glik: Designer

I love approaching the different booths at the Couture show in Las Vegas– it’s like being a kid in a candy shop, and there are countless treats to be savored. That’s just how I felt when meeting Moritz Glik and trying on some of his amazing collection! Born and raised in Brazil, Moritz came to the US in 1991. Though he was an extremely talented shoe designer, he eventually made the shift to jewelry-making. Buying the tools and teaching himself … Continue reading

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Jewelry Made From Human Teeth

No, this is not a Halloween post (I know that Thanksgiving is tomorrow.). Though I just have to share — I recently came across a cache of photos of Victorian era jewelry with human teeth. What the heck?! Seriously, I find this whole concept a bit freaky. Here is a prime example…it’s an enamel brooch given to Princess Victoria from Prince Albert in 1847. It features the “first milk tooth” from their child. Uh, is it just me, or is … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Weiss-Lasater of Baukunst Studio

What do you get when you mix an architect with an outdoorsy, yet elegant gal who lives in the Austrian Alps? Well you may not guess, but a talented jewelry designer! I was thrilled to meet Elizabeth Weiss-Lasater of Baukunst Studios last week during a special trunk show in San Francisco. With a masters in architecture from Columbia, Elizabeth and her architect-husband moved to Austria for a huge project. During this time, working long hours in freezing-cold conditions, she realized … Continue reading

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