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4 year-old with flair!: Jewelry Judge

As I was wheeling my cart towards the check-out area in Target this week, I could hear the loud cries of a little girl. She was apparently NOT getting her way with all the candy enticingly displayed by the register. I decided to pull in line behind them for some reason…and as I did, I noticed the darling bracelets she was wearing. As soon as I asked her about them, the crying stopped. Yes, I do believe we have a … Continue reading

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Carrots in San Francisco….more than just a clothing boutique!

The first time I made the short jaunt from Union Square to Jackson Square to see the newly-opened boutique, Carrots, I was in love! The vibe was so modern and fashion-forward. It was like stepping right into some completely chic woman’s enormous closet, yet you can actually try on and buy the merchandise. And one of the selling points to me, was that it really covered everything from head to toe. You need the perfect bootie for those skinny pants? … Continue reading

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Pop of Color: Jewelry Judge

As is typical here in San Francisco during summer…we get foggy, gloomy mornings. On a good day, it’ll clear by lunch, but many times we’re immersed in grey for the whole day. Trying to “look” like summer (while staying warm) when the high is going to be 64 degrees can be a challenge, to put it mildly! Yesterday I was heading out of Neiman’s, when I accosted this darling girl who was lunching with a friend. Not only is she … Continue reading

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Venessa Arizaga: Designer

One of the things I just love about this time of year, is that all the new merchandise for the season is arriving in the stores. I love seeing the boxes stacked up on the floor while store employees are eagerly unpacking new items out of the shiny, cellophane bags. It’s like Christmas come early! So, I make it a mission to really do the rounds, hitting all my favorite boutiques and department stores to make sure I don’t miss … Continue reading

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Neiman Marcus Brooch Giveaway!!

Neiman Marcus is one of my absolute favorite department stores, and they had a killer promotion going on this past week. They were offering a gorgeous brooch with certain purchases, and let me tell you, they literally flew out the door! I’m sure it’s no surprise to my readers that I…uh…qualified for this prezzie, and I can’t wait to give it to one of you! I think you’ll love the gold tone, and the sparkling jewels in hues of blue … Continue reading

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Clara Williams: Designer

Items that have multiple functions are something I love. Whether it’s a leather motorcycle jacket that can be transformed into a killer vest with de-tachable sleeves, or my hiking pants which can become capris with ease (don’t laugh!), I think it really extends your cost-per-wear on an item. Dartmouth and Harvard-educated Clara Williams has brought this vision to jewelry, which you know is pretty much one of my biggest passions. With her patent-pended magnetic clasp technology, and over 11 years … Continue reading

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Statement Necklace: Jewelry Judge

I was out one Saturday morning in Palo Alto, and this gal’s necklace stopped me in my tracks. She had a few inches on me, which is saying something, and she walked with presence! Her simple black outfit was styled perfectly with this statement necklace. She said she picked it up at Buffalo Exchange. Not only is she stylish, but she’s eco-friendly with the recycled piece. Lovin’ it!

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Leather Bracelets: One of my Growing Obsessions

I’ve got a pretty darn solid sense of my personal style, which I describe as luxe bohemian. Translation: beachy, globe-trotting, relaxed feel dripping with gorgeous jewelry and accessories! (No one will ever accuse me of being a minimalist!) This is where developing my jewelry signature really helps define my style. My jewelry signatures include horn pendants, stacked rings and bangles, and druzy/agate pieces, to name a few. I’ve begun adding a new signature the past 6 months or so…the leather … Continue reading

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Joss Stone: Jewelry Judge

I’ve already admitted to you that Live with Kelly is one of my guilty pleasures on a leisurely morning. Well this week she had Joss Stone on as a musical guest, who was there promoting her new album. (Many of my Facebook fans are raving about it…I’ll have to check it out.) Well anyway, my attention during her performance was not on the song, but rather the spectacular necklace she was wearing. (I’m sure you’re not surprised to hear this!) … Continue reading

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