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Artistic Necklace: Jewelry Judge

So I was out and about in Palo Alto today, and spied this glorious necklace. Granted, I am currently having a little “neon” moment, so her scarf was what initially caught my eye. (Yes, I have done the neon thing in high school in the 80’s…but I’m still drawn…) At any rate, I think this woman nailed the neon trend in combination with a neutral (black) and a killer necklace. In talking with her (Irene), I learned that she found … Continue reading

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Katherine Jetter: Designer

It must have been back when I was about 8 years old or so…my grandmother went on a cruise to Austraila, and she brought me back (what I thought was) THE most amazing necklace. It’s pendant was a kangaroo with some opal chips in it. I had never seen an opal before, and I thought I’d died and gone to heaven! Well let me tell you, Australian-born jewelry designer Katherine Jetter takes opals and other Australian themes to a whole … Continue reading

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Social Media and the Weight Issue

OK, so I know this a jewelry blog, but once in a while I get a bee in my bonnet about general image issues. Being in the image industry, I’m constantly bombarded with the “perfect” body and how we’re supposed to attain its unrealistic goals. Trust me, this has been a personal struggle for me my entire life, and I’m god-damned sick of it! I think that we’re all beautiful, no matter what shape, size, color, whatever. We need to … Continue reading

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Layered History: Jewelry Judge

I stopped in my tracks when I spied this woman in downtown San Francisco. Attired in a simple, yet chic black dress and neutral layer (which you always need in the city!), this outfit just came to life with the jewelry!! The longest necklace is an acrylic pendant. The buddah, which you know I’m obsessed with, actually had some sanskrit on the backside. The bezel-set coin was an 1888 US silver dollar, from the year her grandmother was born. Combined … Continue reading

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Vibe’s by Lene Vibe Dahlgren

One of the coolest parts of attending the Couture jewelry show was meeting designers from all over the globe. Case and point…meeting Lene from Copenhagen, Denmark, and learning about her “magical” line, Vibe’s, the likes of which I’d truly never seen before! The Vibe’s studio and shop are located in a quaint two-story terra-cotta colored building built back in 1750. One of the key selling points to Lene was the antique safe from 1820. No, this safe is not used … Continue reading

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Bling Love Starts Early!

People are always amazed to hear that I was honestly obsessed with jewelry from my earliest memories. I guess it’s just wired in my DNA! Well I’m clearly not the only one. I was visiting my cousin at her fab home store, Abode, in Half Moon Bay the other day. Tucked in the corner of the shop, behind the register, was her four year-old daughter and a friend having snack time and some girl-talk. At one point, I caught wind … Continue reading

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Vanessa Leu: Designer

Vanessa Leu is another uber-talented designer I had the privilege of meeting at the Couture show in Las Vegas. Born in Taiwan, Vanessa spent years as a journalist in Vietnam…not your typical background for going into jewelry! She came to the states in the 80’s and enrolled in the Gemological Institute of America. Well let me tell you, I’m thrilled she made this career change, as her designs are quite fabulous! Here’s one of the first pieces that caught my … Continue reading

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Miriam Haskell: Jewelry Judge

Shopping amidst a major downpour isn’t my favorite way to shop, but when I spotted this fabulous necklace it brightened the Seattle Day! Very happy with her smashing Miriam Haskell necklace, this gal just had it going on. Despite her petite stature, her presence definitely carried the scale of this necklace. I also like how her crocheted sweater vest compliments the design of the necklace. Two thumbs up!

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Efva Attling: Designer

I arrived at the Couture jewelry show a couple days before it started, as I wanted some time to relax in Vegas. (OK…actually time to shop, who am I trying to kid?!) While lounging by the pool one morning, I saw a very stylish woman in an aqua bikini gracefully walking into the pool. The next night, at Couture’s poolside opening party (Taio Cruz!), I found myself sitting next to that same glamorous woman. Coincidence? I think not. I’m confident … Continue reading

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Couture Jewelry Show in Las Vegas!

I have had the privilege of attending the Couture Jewelry show the past few days in Las Vegas. Known as THE show to attend, you can only imagine that I was giddy with delight from my first step into the ballroom. No matter which way you turned, there were salons filled with the most gorgeous jewelry you can imagine. There were multitudes of talented designers that were new to me, some designers that I’ve only read about (and dying to … Continue reading

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