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Country Overboard!: Jewelry Judge

This is another pic I snapped at the Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas. Granted, the whole Vegas thing elicits a particular dress code, but I think this gal took it a bit too far. Love the Erin Featherstone black beaded mini-dress she’s wearing, but I do think she went a big overboard on the jewelry. Did she really need those oversized, bohemian earrings? (which might be perfect with a bikini on St. Tropez) AND the big bangles? … Continue reading

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Storage: Part Duex

So I know that I’ve already written about jewelry storage in a previous post, but I just HAD to show you another amazingly organized (and large) collection. These photos are from the closet of one of my clients. She travels the world, and has curated one of the coolest jewelry collections that I’ve seen during my many years as a stylist. No, it’s not all fine jewelry, but it’s amazing. I can’t tell you the number of hours we’ve spent … Continue reading

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Rings Gone Wrong…

I, probably more than most, can certainly appreciate the sentimentality of jewelry. I’ve got my Italian grandmother’s engagement ring, which features blue glass that has been weathered by work in harsh chemicals. I’ve still got a lovely black safety pin embellished with beads from a German pen-pal from when I was nine. Oh, and of course some of my Swedish grandmother’s “cruise” jewelry. (translation: pink rhinestones) But when you wear all your mementos on your fingers all at once (along … Continue reading

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Spring Trend: Art Deco

So what exactly is Art Deco that we’ve been hearing so much about? Basically it’s a jewelry style that gained popularity during the World’s Fair in Paris in 1925 and remained en vogue for about 10 years. It’s name is derived from the official name of the fair, and it’s characterized by very architectural features: squares, circles, and triangles that form very cool geometric patterns. Art Deco has been popping up everywhere from the fashion mags to the street, so … Continue reading

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Man About Town: Jewelry Judge

While I do typically focus on women in my Jewelry Judge series, I must say that a very tall drink of water stopped me in my tracks today. All decked out in a black suit, polka dot shirt and bow tie, his personality definitely came through (in a tasteful way) with his choice of brightly colored beaded bracelets. While not always a fan of “man jewelry,” this one definitely worked for me! His collection included pieces from Chinatown in SF, … Continue reading

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Just ALL wrong!: Jewelry Judge

I first have to apologize for the quality of this photo…it was taken in a dark place during a concert. Even though the show on stage was quite tremendous, the hand of the gal next to me just stole the show. It’s one thing to rock the huge, embellished cross ring. I can get into that if it jives with the outfit. But combined with one of the most frightening manicures I’ve ever laid eyes on, I just was flabbergasted. … Continue reading

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Alexis Bittar: Designer

Hot guys and jewelry…put them together and how can you go wrong?!? It’s even better when that guy designs some of the most amazing and increasingly popular jewelry around. When I first stumbled into Alexis Bittar’s Soho store in NYC years ago (I think circa 2005), I knew he was on to something big. Press fast forward and he’s become one of the most well-known jewelry designers I’m aware of. Alexis’ line is probably most famous for his lucite pieces. … Continue reading

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Adley Stump of “The Voice”

I had the amazing opportunity to attend the Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas this past Sunday. Now I know the style-du-jour in Vegas is typically something resembling Malibu Barbie in platform heels. But trust me, throw in the country awards show and it was simply mind-boggling! Just a couple seats away from me was Adley Stump, a contestant from the wildly popular singing show “The Voice.” She had the most bubbly personality and was more than happy … Continue reading

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How to Keep Your Jewelry Safe

I decided upon the ivory Grecian gown for the ball. Being a Princess, I next walked to the jewelry vault room, where my trusty guard ushered me in to select my coordinating jewels and tiara for the evening. Oh wait…I’m just a commoner…wearing jeans and a cute top for going out tonight. And my “vault” is just a regular ‘ole jewelry box. So really, what’a a commoner like me to do about keeping my collection safe? Granted, it’s not the … Continue reading

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