Wearing Multiple Rings: Jewelry Judge

Yes, you’ve heard it from me many times — how difficult it is to pull off the “rings on many fingers” look. Frankly, most people just don’t get how to do it. Heck, I don’t think I’ve even mastered bedazzling more than three fingers at a time! That’s why when I see it done well, I have to take a close look and admire. This was the case with the woman I had lunch with this past week. With a background in fine arts, jewelry, and design, I’m not surprised that this was in her talent base.

multiple rings
multiple rings
So first of all, I want to tell you who and what she’s wearing. The first photo is of her right hand, and here’s the line-up:

pinky finger: black diamond ring by Steven Batelle
ring finger: cognac diamonds in rose gold band by Jennifer Dawes and peach moonstone ring by Gretchen Walker
middle finger: boa constrictor bone ring by Gretchen Walker and rose gold midi ring by Stephany Hitchcock

On her left hand, second photo:

middle finger: diamond ring by Scosha
ring finger: grandmother’s “feral field rat” vintage ring
pinky: rose gold ring by Lauren Wolf

While she was wearing EIGHT rings (how I wish I could do that), it was just so delicate and well-balanced. It didn’t overpower her or her outfit, and it melded so well with her clear sense of personal style. The fact that she could express her style with such an effortless panache, it made me want to get to know her all the more. It wasn’t as if she was “trying” too hard, it was just her.

I’m so glad that I had the opportunity to meet her, and I can’t wait to see what she’s wearing next!

Arunashi: Designer

If you’re looking for ultra-special, one-of-a-kind pieces, then Arunashi is made for you! How about trying these black opal earrings on for size?

arunashi black opal egg drop earrings
Arun Bohra, an 8th generation jeweler, started his own line in 2004. He is inspired by Greek mythology and all types of nature. It’s clear that he loves color, and I couldn’t help myself from trying on numerous items from his cases!

arun bohra of arunashi and amy rosevere
This ebony cuff emblazoned with opal, tanzanite, diamonds and violet sapphires is simply magical.

arunashi opal, tanzanite, diamond and violet sapphire on ebony cuff
When I asked Arun what he liked best about being a designer, he said, “I can do whatever I want!” He revels in the freedom of creativity. Well his creative mind certainly comes up with some beautiful designs, unlike I’ve ever seen before. Look at these silver moonstone earrings.  They are fit for a mythical goddess.

arunashi silver moonstone carnival earrings
Or how about these large abalone shell earrings highlighted with diamonds? Yes, please!

arunashi large abalone shell earrings with diamonds and sapphires
I think the color combination in this sapphire bangle is lovely — perfect for adding a pop of color to a bracelet stack.

arunashi padparascha sapphire bangle
I look forward to seeing him and his collection again this year at the Couture show in Las Vegas. I can only dream about what I might see!

Field Trip to the Isharya Showroom!

I have been a fan of Isharya jewelry for years, in fact ever since I bought my first piece on Gilt group way back when. Emma Roberts is among the many celebrity fans, and she rocked their blue lapis goddess power cuff at the Tribeca Flim Festival.

Well meeting Radhika Tandon, one of the co-founders of the line, at a recent event in San Francisco was fantastic! Not only is she smart, stylish and beautiful, inside and out, but she also has an extremely welcoming personality. I was invited to visit their California headquarters and showroom in San Jose. (Their other main office is in Mumbai, India.)

Radhika Tandon and Amy Roseveare
I didn’t know where to look first, with shelves and beautiful displays of jewelry everywhere.

Isharya showroom
Isharya is the creation of Radhika and her sister-in-law, Gauri Tandon, who runs the Mumbai office. While neither started out in the jewelry business, they both have a love of sparkle and bling. Radhika told me that it all started when she would have jewelry designed and made for herself in India. Back in 2004, a friend borrowed one of her pieces, who then showed it to someone else, and next thing she knew, she was being featured everywhere from Daily Candy to Lucky and In Style magazines! Clearly she was on to something. Here’s a close-up of the blue lapis goddess fringe necklace Radhika was wearing at our meeting.

isharya blue lapis goddess fringe necklace
The first thing I tried on, because you know I couldn’t contain myself, was this abalone tentacle cuff. The shades of the sea were lovely on my wrist!

isharya abalone cuff
Knowing that the stones in the jewelry are all real (amazonite, lapis, labradorite, and more–click here for a list of materials they use), I was curious about how they keep the prices so reasonable. There’s nothing in the line over $498, and a large percentage of the pieces are under $100. The answer is that they use gold-plated brass. And I can tell you that the result is just beautiful! The jewelry is, “inspired by India’s intricate and vibrant style…each piece is designed to fuse an effortless California chic aesthetic with the glamour of Bollywood.” There are various collections, and each has a distinct vibe, ranging from very complex design, to items with cleaner, more Art Deco lines. In other words, there’s something for everyone, no matter what your personal style.

Radhika explained how much time and effort they put into each and every aspect of design and production. For example, they spent 8 months perfecting their enamel process so that it doesn’t chip. Here’s a lovely enamel example in the teal and turquoise jaisel floral statement cuff.

isharya jaisel floral statement cuff

This carved ink blue jaisel square statement ring also shows the fabulous enamel work.

isharya carved ink blue jaisel square statement ring
Learning how to cut mirrors was also a big project. Many of their pieces have cut mirror, some of which resemble polki diamonds (often mistakenly called rose cut diamonds). I adore these prism mirror statement earrings!

isharya prism miror statement earrings
I also tried on this royal filigree tassel lariat, which can be worn different ways. They come up with a new filigree print each year, so there’s always something new to look forward to.

isharya royal filigree tassel lariat
The matte finish on this black pyramid luxe bib necklace was killer. It’s surprising lightweight, and it would be a perfect centerpiece for some of today’s minimalist looks.

isharya black pyramid luxe bib necklace
A couple of the gals who work at Isharya also showed me how to wear some of the body jewelry. So feminine and on trend!

isharya headpiece
This body chain would be fantabulous over a black strapless dress, don’t you think?

isharya body chain
All the pieces, no matter what their size, are definitely for the girl who wants to make a statement!

These amethyst moon bali earrings certainly have more of an exotic, Indian style. I can picture wearing them with a flowing caftan and gold sandals, poolside.

isharya amethyst moon bali earring
Of if you’re looking for a more streamlined earring, then these purple druzy three stone drops are beautiful. (They also invested a lot of time perfecting how to set druzy so elegantly.)

isharya purple druzy three stone earring
And finally, because snakes are one of their signatures, I couldn’t resist trying on this serpent scale wraparound cuff. So unique, and I love the colors!

isharya serpent scale wraparound cuff
I was lucky to also check out their upcoming fall line. While I can’t share any photos with you (YET!), I will say that you will be wowed. I’ll be sure to share highlights with you come fall. If this line intrigues you, then definitely check out their website. They also have retail presence in the US and in 50 other countries around the globe! (Click here to find your nearest location.) I hope that you’ve enjoyed this visit to Isharya as much as I did!

Cost Plus World Market Necklace and Top: Jewelry Judge

We’ve been having a bit of an early summer here in the SF Bay Area, and people are definitely bringing out their summer outfits! While shopping at J.Crew, this colorful ensemble on a shopper caught my eye.

cost plus top and necklace
Of course, as it is my MO, I had to chat with her about her look. The causal distressed jeans, rolled up to perfection, were a nice balance with her vibrant top and necklace. Turns out she got the two at Cost Plus World Market for a steal — she said under $40 for both! I can tell you that the necklace did not look like it was $14.99! And furthermore, I had never even thought about going to Cost Plus for accessories. Clearly I need to stop by and check it out in person!

cost plus necklace
With her blond hair and blue eyes, the shade of blue really suited her personal coloring, and it drew your eyes right up to her face. Finishing it off with a Gucci purse and metallic flip-flops was great. This is the amazing beauty of mixing high and low — you don’t need to be dressed head-to-toe in designer to look fabulous. What about you? Have you mastered the high-low mix in your own personal style? Any savvy tips to share?

Abode in Half Moon Bay, CA

I have to say that interior design is my second love after style and bling, so anytime I find a killer home store, I have to check it out! Abode is the best interiors store you’ll find on the San Mateo County coast, and I can attest to the quality, as I have a few pieces in my place. They have a mix of modern and vintage, AND they have a nice selection of baubles as well.

abode half moon bay
They carry between six and eight different designers, and the price points range from around $45-$300. During my last visit, they were celebrating their 10th anniversary — cheers! I was drawn to many pieces by San Francisco designer, Denise Heffernan. I loved her organic style and mixed metals.

denise heffernan rings
denise heffernan necklace

denise heffernan necklace
One of the delights is how the pieces are displayed in the store. Take a gander at these necklaces on a little wooden dress form.

denise heffernan necklaces
I couldn’t resist trying on these sea glass bracelets by Julie Anderson, as you know that I’m a sea glass junkie!

julie anderson sea glass bracelets
I also found a great interpretation of the bar necklace trend by The Urban Smith, another local SF company. Rachel, the owner, told me that you can order them with different words, and you can also get the bars hanging vertically.

the urban smith bar necklace
These unisex vintage leather belt cuffs with Victorian pressed brass centerpieces by Bombshell Betty are definitely a statement! If you’ve got a boho/rocker style going on, then you may just need one of these.

bombshell betty leather bracelets
Each time I visit this shop, I’m not only happy to see what’s new and exciting, but I love catching up with Rachel, owner extraordinaire. (…and she is my lovely cousin to boot)

rachel ortolan and amy roseveare
Next time you find yourself in the vicinity of Half Moon Bay, definitely stop by and check out Abode. And if you want to include lunch during your visit to the coast, then I highly recommend Pasta Moon — the bread alone is worth the stop.

Vintage Judith Leiber Belt: Jewelry Judge

While I’m very familiar with Judith Leiber bags, it wasn’t until today that I became acquainted with her vintage belts. (This is so surprising, as I’ve been in countless closets with massive accessory collections.) I was pre-shopping for one of my clients yesterday, when I noticed some sophisticated bling coming from a low-slung belt on a gal at Bloomingdales in San Francisco.

judith leiber belt
Now she definitely has an edgy look and likes to have a little drama in her outfits. When I asked her what the heck I was seeing, she said that it had belonged to her mom back in the 80’s. Raised in Las Vegas (now I’m understanding her style even more!), she described her mom with a wistful look in her eye — describing every detail of a particular suit with big shoulder pads, and bling from head-to-toe, including belts like this. “She was always dripping in glamour,” she said with a big smile.

judith leiber belt
She kept the vibe throughly modern, and avoided the potential gaudy look that you might get when incorporating a vintage bejeweled piece. Her hefty bracelet stack and substantial ring on her pointer finger brought the whole look together on this 20-something beauty. I really don’t think many people could carry this look off, but I think she does it with panache! What do you think?

Accessorize Me: Vince Suede Top

I was so happy to hear how much you liked my first installment of Accessorize Me, and I appreciate all the comments! So here we are with our second article. I did get quite a few inquiries about the different items in the last post regarding how much they cost and where to purchase them. Please know that each and every item has a link directly to the product, so if you’re interested in knowing more about a particular piece, just click on the highlighted link and it’ll take you right there. Easy-peezy.

One of my clients received a generous gift card for her birthday, and she decided to purchase something special that she normally wouldn’t have bought for herself — this beautiful Vince suede oversized top.

vince suede oversize leather tee
In order to make her purchase make sense, as it was certainly an investment, we had to make sure she could wear it a variety of ways. The rule is that the more you wear something, the lower the cost-per-wear will be. The first look we went for was one with a very casual, yet pulled-together beachy vibe. We started with a pair of Kut from the Kloth “Mia” skinny jeans. (side note: This is a great brand and cut for a curvy figure.)

kut from the kloth mia jean

Now comes the really fun part, selecting the right accessories to really express her casual, cool California style. The centerpiece is this fab necklace from Anthropologie. It’s definitely a statement in its scale, and the bold horn combined with the cotton cord creates a very bohemian, organic look.

anthropolgie legend & song daylight horn necklace
Adding this mixed metal ring and rustic gold hoops complement the neutral tones in the rest of the outfit. I really enjoy mixing metals, and I find it can really add some dimension to an outfit.

arhaus ring and sundance gold hoops
In lieu of a traditional bag, this metallic woven tote with these snake print sandals (only $39!) complete the ensemble.

anthropologie metallic weave tote
mia castaway sandal
But now how to step it up? She wanted to wear the same top to an upcoming outdoor cocktail party at a friend’s house, looking sleek and sophisticated. First step was to find a white pencil skirt. When wearing a fuller cut on top, balancing it out with a slimmer silhouette on the bottom works well. I also made sure the skirt was longer than the length of the top, giving the two pieces an uneven proportion, which is always more flattering than a half-half proportion.

David Lerner white skirt
For a more sophisticated look, I opted for streamlined gold cuffs (one on each wrist) and modern earrings by Elizabeth and James.

kristen elspeth gold cuff and elizabeth and james earrings
It’s always good to add a bit of texture, though, so this ring by Rebecca Minkoff does the trick. (It would also mix very well with the ring from the first outfit.)

rebecca minkoff earth eclectic open pave ring
For the finishing touches, these neutral bootie-style sandals (which would also rock with jeans) and a killer Jimmy Choo bag in multiple neutral shades, stylishly ties it all together.

sole society shoes and jimmy choo  candy clutch
Another thing I’m looking forward to, aside from creating more combinations for her for this season, is also transitioning this top into fall. It’s really something that can be worn 9 months of the year here in the Bay Area, which will continue to make the cost-per-wear go down. I would love to hear your thoughts on these ensembles!

Jennifer Miller Jewelry

The first time I became acquainted with Jennifer Miller Jewelry was when I just happened to be strolling up Lexington Avenue in NYC, and I stopped in my tracks when I saw the sparkle through the window in front of me. As I entered this jewel box of a store, I honestly didn’t know where to look first. Well much to my delight, I was invited to a Jennifer Miller trunk show on Wednesday at the fabulous home of Alexis Traina in San Francisco, whose home I had admired in the pages of Elle Decor and Vogue.

Jennifer herself was there, and I was thrilled to get a first hand tour of the collection.

Jennifer Miller and Amy Roseveare
There are four Jennifer Miller stores, including East Hampton, Southampton, and Palm Beach, in addition to the NYC location. One thing that really makes this store unique is that it represents 450 (nope, that’s not a typo!) different designers, and it includes both fine and faux pieces. The two are so effortlessly mixed, that it’s not until you look at a price tag that you can be sure what you’re looking at.

Three different displays of bracelets caught my eye right off the bat.

jennifer miller bracelets
jennifer miller bracelets
jennifer miller bracelets
A couple different rings jumped right off the table and onto my finger as well. (Hate when that happens!) I loved the sheen of this one, which is made from rutilated quartz over mother-of-pearl with a sparkling border.

jennifer miller ring
And the cage effect on this one is beyond cool!

jennifer miller ring
There was such an array of different styles, that no matter what your personal style is, there’s undoubtedly something that will get your pulse going. This display was itching to be worn by a bohemian princess.

jennifer miller jewlery
And for the more dramatic personal style, this ensemble was perfect!

jennifer miller jewlery
The gal with a more uptown look would likely be drawn to these Vaubel necklaces.

steven vaubel necklaces
And I have no doubt that this “dino cuff” would inspire the downtown girl.

jennifer miller dino cuff
And what, pray tell, did I go home with? (because you just know that I couldn’t go home empty-handed!) Well, I chose to invest in this beautiful pair of white topaz oversized drops, as I have realized that my special occasion earring wardrobe is severely lacking. Since they are colorless, they will blend with the majority of my wardrobe, and they’ll add just the right amount of bling!

jennifer miller earrings
I did add a couple other items to my “wish list,” which I had started the last time I visited their store. And with their fabulous website, where you can shop from the comfort of your own home, I can definitely see my list building! How about you?