5 Tips for Jewelry You Don’t Want or Need

I hope the impending start of the new year finds you happy, healthy, and busy in your jewelry box! This is often the time when people want a fresh start, so they clean the house, organize the closet, and purge their homes of what they no longer want or need. But what about your jewelry collection??

I often advise clients to hang on to jewelry, even if they’re not currently wearing it. Not only does it take up a small amount of space, but I often find myself pulling things out from years past and re-incorporating them into my wardrobe. There are times, though, when you really know it’s time to let some things go. Here are some ideas as to what to do with such pieces:

1. Sell or consign your jewelry. There are many businesses that will be happy to take your jewelry off your hands and give you some money in return. Circa is a widely known business for your pricey and name brand jewelry. The Real Real, a company I’ve had great success with for reselling clothing, is also now taking high-end jewelry. I have even used my local consignment store to unload a pair of not-worn-for-ten years David Yurman earrings. Granted, you only get a fraction of what you paid for things back, but a little money in your pocket is better than nothing, right?

2. Repurpose your jewelry. Often, you can repurpose your own jewelry. Turn an old chain/pearl necklace into a new strap for a small clutch. Or clip on some vintage earrings to your pumps for a little sparkle. I also love to pin broaches onto a simple, fabric clutch to really give it some zing. There are also countless jewelry designers who will take your existing pieces and design something “new” and fabulous for you.

3. Give it away. Why wait until you’ve passed away to give some of your precious collection to loved ones? Go for it now and watch the joy in your recipient’s eyes! I can say from experience that it’s quite lovely to be on both ends of this scenario!

4. Donate your jewelry to charity. There are countless women re-entering the workforce, and they deserve to be dressed to the nines! Places such as Wardrobe for Opportunity or the Career Closet, here in the San Francisco Bay Area, are always looking for business-appropriate finishing touches for their clients.

5. Have a swap party. I think it’s a fab idea to have a swap party with your fashionable gal pals. Invite people over for cocktails and nibbles, and have them bring some of their no-longer-worn jewelry. Just because something is no longer right for you, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t just the perfect thing for someone else! Swap away — you might go home with a new favorite!

With these tips in mind, I encourage you to sift through with your collection and see if there really are some pieces that need a new home. Best wishes to you for a happy and sparkling 2014!

Jewelry box
Are there things in your jewelry box that need to go?

Merry Christmas!

Back when I taught third grade, there was sort of a Christmas “badge of honor” at my school. You see, there was this one family that had three children. Each year, the child would give his or her teacher one of their hand-crafted Christmas tree pins, carefully made by their mother and grandmother. As the years went by, these children had many teachers, so the number of faculty members festively walking around the halls with one of these special pins grew each year. I was so excited to receive one when I had their youngest son in my third-grade classroom. Though I no longer wear it, I will treasure it forever, and it brings a smile to my face each time I see it in my jewelry box. Do you have any special Christmas items like this in your collection?

christmas tree pin

I hope that you and your family have a sparkling holiday!! Love, Amy

Alternative Bridal

Seeing that I’m a (single) wardrobe stylist and a jewelry blogger, people always assume that I know exactly what I want when it comes to the day that I get engaged. Shockingly, I still have no clue! So I’m always on the lookout for amazing rings, looking for inspiration. (Yes, I know that this is a “cart-before-the-horse scenario,” but a girl can dream, right?!)

Last Friday I was doing some Christmas shopping in Union Square and along Fillmore Street, and I came across two very stunning and non-traditional sets. First was on the finger of Sarah.

Armenta rings

The trio of rings is by Armenta (whom I adore, both as a designer and as a person), with an ornate wide band and diamond eternity bands on either side. She said she also has a wide platinum band that she can substitute for the middle one if she’s having more of a “silver” day. Gotta love options! (Side note: love the edginess of the chevron knuckle ring and sparkly manicure on this young wife)

Not long thereafter, I came across this gal, who has a main band of diamond slices surrounded by smaller diamonds, and again, framed with two diamond eternity bands. Yes, I was drooling!

diamond slice ring

I think the originality and versatility of both these stacks are uber cool. Plus, they really give the wearer a chance to express their personal style. I’ll definitely be adding these ideas to my mental “wedding ring” idea list. Sorry, honey — I don’t know who you are yet, but you’re already in trouble. 😉

Jewelry Box Basics: Santa Suggestions

So how is your holiday shopping going? If you’re like most Americans (myself included), there are definitely some more gifts to buy — perhaps for others or even for yourself! (I’m still working on my boyfriend gift this year.) With that in mind and only 9 more shopping days, I’ve been scouring all the latest and greatest items in the world of jewelry. With so many stunning choices, which way to turn? Well, whomever the gift is for, don’t forget to take the recipient’s personal style into consideration.

During my 6-part series, Jewelry Box Basics, I discussed what jewelry each person should have in their jewelry box, based on their personal style: the lady who lunches, bohemian, rock star, minimalist, romantic, and the trendy gal. Of course, practically no one fits into one tidy box, but this still provides a framework with which to hit the jewelry store or your favorite online site. Here are some suggestions for Santa on what you might put under the Christmas tree.

The Lady Who Lunches

Pearls and studs are a mainstay for this personal style. Once you’ve got the basics covered, it’s time to branch out. Alexis Bittar is a great fit for this lady, and he recently came out with an oo-la-la fine jewelry line. I think this multi-strand pearl necklace is so unique!

Midnight Marquis necklace
Midnight Marquis necklace

Look at the detail of aquamarines, green amethysts and gold on the multiple layers of grey pearls.

alexis bittar close up

If a new pair of studs is in order this year, then I think these grey diamond slice lovelies by Sethi Couture would certainly do the trick!

Grey and white diamonds
Grey and white diamonds

The Bohemian

True, I have a strong Bohemian influence in my own personal style, so I know that adding a statement ring to the jewelry box is always a good idea. Here are a couple that have really caught my eye. First is a unique horizontal design by Jemma Wynne. I had the opportunity to try it on last week, and it looked spectacular — plus it was so comfortable to wear!

Labradorite and diamonds
Labradorite and diamonds

For an even bolder statement, I turn to one of my all-time favorite designers, Rona Pfeiffer. Take a look at this major ring!

Fan-tab-ulous diamonds!
Fan-tab-ulous diamonds!

The Rock Star

Do you have a rock star on your list? I’m sure that her jewelry box is in need of refreshing as well. And what better way to do that, than by one of the edgy ear cuffs that are hitting the market? If this is a more refined rocker, then I think this ear cuff by Repossi would be perfect.

repossi gold two ring berbere ear cuff

And if she’s into something a little more “raw,” then I recommend this one by Mania Mania.

"Vamp" ear cuff
“Vamp” ear cuff

Here’s how it looks on the ear.

Pretty cool, right?!
Pretty cool, right?!

The Minimalist

In stark contrast to the Rock Star, this personal style thrives on clean lines, and fewer choices in the jewelry box. But don’t let this scare you off — you can still find the perfect addition to make her smile. Likely, she has a pair of simple studs in her collection, so how about you give her a pair with just a small twist? This small cluster design by Jacquie Aiche is perfection.

jacquie aiche cluster earrings

A slim, low-profile ring would also be a solid (yet sparkling) choice. This band by Melissa Joy Manning is simple beauty, in white gold with black diamonds. It’s easily captivating on its own or stacked.

melissa joy manning white gold black diamond band

The Romantic

This time of year doubtless stirs up feelings of nostalgia and sweet smiles for this personal style. Since many of the pieces in her jewelry box are most certainly family heirlooms, selecting a gift with a nod to the past is wonderful. I came across this unique necklace by Ginger Peachy, made from a vintage pin centered on a rose gold chain. Love it!

ginger peachy necklace

Or how about this delicate boulder opal ring by Armenta, which is sure to become a favorite!

This will certainly be passed down for generations.
This will certainly be passed down for generations.

The Trendy Gal

There are so many jewelry trends going on right now, that this is one of the easiest personal styles to shop for. Definitely a trend on the rise, the hand chain (otherwise known as a slave bracelet) is popping up from coast to coast. Here is a clean design by Blee Inara that might delight her.

blee inara hand chain

Here’s how it looks when worn.

hand chain

Chains are appearing everywhere, and here’s a very on-trend ring by Djula that proves it.

djula ring

If “brand names” are something that she’s into, then you can’t go wrong with a bracelet by Vita Fede. There are SO many different metal colors and styles, that it’ll be tough to make a choice.

Titan rose gold and  Swarovski crystals
Titan rose gold and Swarovski crystals

I’ve seen endless permutations of stacks that incorporate them.

Stack 'em up!
Stack ’em up!

Now I know that many of the pieces in this article may not be in your shopping budget. (They certainly aren’t all in mine!) But don’t let that discourage you. It’s possible to find the “look” at a variety of price points. Just use this as a jumping-off point to find the perfect gift. I’d love to know what you find!!

Jill Sander Mannequin

So December comes along in the life of a personal shopper and wardrobe stylist…the majority of fall/winter clothes are going on sale, resort is coming in, and it’s pretty much chaos in downtown San Francisco. I’m tying up loose ends for my clients’ wardrobes, doing some holiday gift shopping, and trying to keep calm through it all — especially on a day like today, which was pretty much loco at Union Square.

As I strolled along, taking calming breaths, I was delighted to be side-tracked by this mannequin outside the Jill Sander boutique in Neiman Marcus. The chic black dress was lovely, but what really made it pop for me was the trio of silver bracelets on the wrist. I don’t know who designed them, but I instantly pictured myself on a rustic, cracked tile-floored terrace in Sorrento, overlooking the Mediterranean while drinking a cold vodka-soda. (and of course a handsome, charming gentleman by my side!)

jill sander

stacked bracelets

You may think I’m crazy that jewelry can transport me like that, but it truly does. I picture where I would be wearing it, who I’d be with, and how I’d be feeling. Who needs fairy tales when you can get all this from a mannequin?! I walked away with a smile on my face.

Skinny Stacking Rings: Mix ‘Em up!

Jewelry inspiration struck while working with one of my clients in NYC this season. I’ve always admired this stack she wears, with an inscribed ring for each of her four children, book-ended by two diamond eternity bands.

skinny stacking rings

While we were out shopping one afternoon in Soho, she picked up this skinny ring with a black diamond bar at Michele Varian. Paired with the slimmest of rings that she was already wearing, it felt just right.

michelle's rings

So back in California, I had to dig out my thin stacking rings and see what I had to work with. I have owned these three gold and diamond stackers for years. The top one is by Nina Basharova, I have no clue who made the middle one, and the bottom one is by Armenta.

gold stacking rings

I do love these rings, but I needed to mix it up a bit. So I headed over to the Gallery of Jewels on Fillmore Street in SF. There, I picked up these silver rings by Amery Carriere. One is oxidized, and three have a tiny diamond accent.

amery carriere rings

Then I decided, why stop at just silver and gold? How about throwing in a little rose gold? This slim ring by Zaiken Jewelry did the trick.

zaiken rose gold ring

The final addition was a silver ring with a tear-drop raw, green diamond found at Upstairs at Pierre Lafond in Montecito. (One of the benefits of having clients all over the place is the chance to jewelry shop outside of my ‘hood!) Now, I can really start getting creative. Here are two different stacks I’ve worn in the past week — one with more of a silver vibe, and one veering more towards gold.

stacking rings

stacking rings

With my interest completely piqued, I’ve also been searching around Pinterest for more stack-tastic ideas. I love this combination by Blanca Monros Gomez, sold at Catbird. Elegant!

blanca monos gomez rings

And what about this collection with black diamonds? Fab-ooo!

black diamond stack

I think I’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg with the skinny stacks. I will have to try and restrain myself the next time I’m in a jewelry store…or not. 😉

Rainbow Loom

Do you know what these are? If so, you are clearly someone in the KNOW!

photo 3

When my 5 year-old nephew and almost 9 year-old niece came over for Thanksgiving, these colorful rubber bands were soon scattered around the house. But…the “jewelry aunt” could hardly be upset, as it was all for the sake of jewelry! I’ve seen kids using the Rainbow Loom
for quite some time, but this was the first time I’ve become acquainted with it first hand. I’m astounded by the cool creations that can be made. Look at what my niece cranked out just during the holiday!

photo 1

All you need is the loom and a variety of rubber bands. Here’s her kit and the loom in action.

rainbow loom kit

photo 4

Our other young Thanksgiving guest was a 4th grader, and I was so not surprised when she arrived with her kit as well. (And no, there was seriously NO pre-planning on that!)


Love the personalization!
Love the personalization!

Not to be outdone, my kindergarten nephew has learned to loom on his own two fingers. I am amazed by what he made!

rainbow loom

I was just thrilled to see the hours spent creating instead of in front of the TV or iPad. This is a hobby that I will whole-heartedly support, and I can’t wait to see what they make during the Christmas break. If you’re in need of a holiday gift for the creative kid in your life, then I highly encourage you to investigate the Rainbow Loom.

Moritz Glik: Designer

I love approaching the different booths at the Couture show in Las Vegas– it’s like being a kid in a candy shop, and there are countless treats to be savored. That’s just how I felt when meeting Moritz Glik and trying on some of his amazing collection!

moritz glik and amy roseveare

Born and raised in Brazil, Moritz came to the US in 1991. Though he was an extremely talented shoe designer, he eventually made the shift to jewelry-making. Buying the tools and teaching himself the art, Moritz started his own line about 12 years ago. He is famous for designing pieces that have diamonds that appear to be “floating” in a shaker-like concept. Take these earrings, for example — they have diamonds enclosed in double white sapphires. Have you ever seen anything like it?

moritz glik earrings

The champagne rose cut diamonds in these earrings with pink gold and blackened silver, are truly unique. (This is his first collection where he’s used pink gold.) You can see how he is inspired by antique jewelry, yet he hand-crafts something so contemporary.

moritz glik champagne earrings

I was drawn to his link bracelets with various “charms.” Here’s one from his new kaleidoscope collection with a blackened silver chain along with yellow and white diamonds in the charms.

moritz glik bracelet

I tried one on, and it melded beautifully with my bracelet stack. Love it!!


Here is a cool trio of his designs.

moritz glik bracelet stack

He also makes some substantial cuffs. This one makes a bold statement. As Moritz told me, “I bring downtown cool wearability to diamonds.” Agreed!

This is a "wow" piece!
This is a “wow” piece!

His collection of rings also showcase his floating diamonds. I particularly adore this large one with white and champagne diamonds.

mortiz glik ring

Not only is Moritz branching out with pink gold this time around, but he’s also started using colored stones. This necklace has both diamonds and colored sapphires.

moritz glik necklace

You can find Moritz’s line sold at many retailers around the globe, including at Fragments in NYC. Definitely worth checking out!