Geometric Design: Jewelry Judge

Art deco is a huge trend this spring, but it can be interpreted in a very Halloween costume-y way. This gal, whom I spied south of Market in SF last week was spot-on with her choice. Not only is the necklace a cool combination of tribal meets art deco, but it’s set off perfectly by the subtle geometric pattern in the blouse she’s wearing. She gets a jewelry gold star in my book!

art deco necklace
A harmonious combination!

Just Pretty!

So today I had the unusual delight of spending the day shopping with my dear friend and colleague, Jen (whom I’ve known since kindergarten!). We weren’t shopping for clients, but rather for ourselves. Such fun! When I caught a glimpse of her bag and jewelry lying on the pedestal in the dressing room, it just made me smile. The harmony and simplicity of the combination is lovely.

jen's bag & jewelry
Fabulously feminine!

Spring Trend: The Bold Ring

Forget the rule that you have to wait till 5 o’clock for a drink. The NEW rule is that ANYtime is cocktail time…you do realize that I’m talking about cocktail rings, right?!

Don’t save your big bling for going out in the evening. Instead, enjoy that heavy weight on your finger all day long. I, myself, have been having fun with this trend. Here’s a picture of me wearing a killer taupe Alexis Bittar ring that I picked up for a song at a pre-Christmas sale at Decorazzi in Las Vegas.

amy roseveare with alexis bitter ring
The ring picks up on the color of the boots

alexis bittar ring
This is not a ring for the faint of heart

Whether the ring be made simply of metal or with a stone, don’t be afraid to get your milage out of it! (Remember the cost-per-wear rule…the more you pay for something, the more you should wear it to get the best value.) A large-scale ring can really add some attitude to the simplest jeans and t-shirt ensemble. If you need some inspiration, here are some gorgeous options.

I found this labradorite stunner on Net-a-Porter (fab site, if it’s not already on your radar). It’s designed by Monica Vinader.

monica vinader labradorite ring
Labradorite with 18K gold vermeil

I have admired Steve Vaubel’s work since I purchased my first pair of his earrings at Sak’s years ago. He makes striking, modern jewelry, and this ring is certainly no exception.

steve vaubel gold ring
Utterly modern and architectural at the same time

Finally, here’s a bit of the floral craze interpreted in a cocktail ring by Yves Saint Laurent. By the way, if you only associate this brand with high-end clothing, shoes, and bags, you may be pleasantly surprised at their costume jewelry line!

ysl arty flower ring
Arty flower ring by YSL

So go dig deep into your ring collection. While you’re at it, see what your mom and grandmother have tucked away. They may have just the perfect ring to bring your outfit to the next level…and to think that these rings were normally just brought out for special occasions. Isn’t everyday a special occasion?! I truly think so.

Bountiful Bracelets: Jewelry Judge

While browsing the shops in Los Altos, CA over the weekend, I was completely impressed with the way this young woman stacked her bracelets! The way she combined earth tones of vintage and new created perfect harmony and visual interest. The one furthest up her arm belonged to her mother, the gold bangle in the middle she received in 5th grade, the woven one is by Tai, and the one closest to her wrist is by DanniJo. Bravo!

stacked bracelets
An inspired combination!

Native American Jewelry

So Native American jewelry can go one of two ways…horribly wrong (are you still in your Pocahontas Halloween costume?!) or terribly chic (channeling a Ralph Lauren ad). Personally, I’ve always been drawn to this genre of accessories, and it works in beautifully with my boho chic personal style. On my most recent trip to Las Vegas, I unexpectedly learned a little more about it.

While in Vegas you will usually find me browsing the luxury shops. But this time I had the opportunity to take the public bus (thanks, Jeff) down to Fremont Street. (I don’t think I’d been there since I was a child!) While this area definitely is a whole other side of Vegas, I stumbled upon a hidden Vegas treasure — the Indian Arts & Crafts store right near the New El Portal theater.

New El Portal, Las Vegas
My highlight of Fremont Street

While the shop was definitely home to lots of cheesy tchotchkes, I was quite impressed by the jewelry counter. As a major fan of turquoise, I was drawn to the array of shades from blues to greens. Yum!

Navajo jewelry
Navajo jewelry

All their jewelry is hand made by local tribes. Each piece has the initials of the artisan on the backside, verifying it’s authenticity. When I came home, I pulled out a thin, Indian bracelet that my mom received in high school. Sure enough, there was the initials of the artist! Unlike a piece I bought near Los Alamos, New Mexico — which I clearly purchased at a non-reputable place.

I came across this lovely woman while shopping in Burlingame shortly after my trip. Her incredible Squash Blossom necklace literally stopped me in my tracks. THIS is how to do the Native American thing in an extremely stylish way! Her outfit was simple, yet elegant, and she was only highlighting that one piece. Often people think if you’re wearing the necklace, then wouldn’t it be better to also add the coordinating ring and earrings? Absolutely not. This is when you end up looking like you’re wearing a costume.

Navajo turquoise necklace
Amazing Navajo turquoise necklace

I am definitely on the hunt for my own Squash Blossom necklace. I did encounter some fabulous ones at Peregrine Galleries in Montecito, CA a couple weeks ago, but none that went home with me. I’m confident that the right one will appear at the right time.

Modern Cocktail Ring: Jewelry Judge

While being unexpectedly entertained at a middle school production of “Anything Goes” on Saturday night, I was equally impressed with the ring on the woman sitting next to me. It once belonged to her mother-in-law, who apparently had a very well-edited style. Her wardrobe was full of black, white, pops of red and accented by extremely modern jewelry. This ring, with it’s large scale and simplistic design creates some real drama for the wearer. Love it!

modern ring
Modern approach to a cocktail ring

Spring Trend: Bright Colors!

In the morning you’ll usually find me munching on an Golden Delicious apple and working on the computer with “Live with Kelly” on in the background. (I still miss Regis, though.) I love to see what Kelly Ripa strolls out on stage with each morning. Back in January, she started wearing a brightly colored necklace, really almost day-glow, each and every day. Well her stylist was right on trend with that choice! (Side note: I love that she feels comfortable re-wearing items, instead of having to don an entirely new look each day. How real and refreshing, especially for a TV personality!)

Now that I’m once again hitting the stores daily with clients shopping for their spring wardrobes, I am running into bright bursts of color everywhere! For those of us who don’t want to wear head-to-toe brights, as shown in the magazines, adding a carefully selected bit of colorful jewelry can make your outfit very fashion forward. Here are a few of my favorite finds.

This necklace by Tom Binns is a major investment, but wow!

tom binns necklace
Tom Binns Handpainted Crystal Massai Necklac

Dannijo creates a multitude of looks in her line, and this pair of earrings is quite smashing.

Dannijo earrings
Dannijo Valerija earrings

I think these woven bracelets created by Dezso by Sara Beltran would make a fabulous addition to my hiking jewelry collection!

Dezso jewelry by Sara Beltran
Just the right touch of boho color!

Cocktail rings might be relatively small, but they can pack a colorful punch! Gotta love this coral creation by Kenneth Jay Lane!

kenneth jay lane rings
Kenneth Jay Lane Coral Ring

If the tidal wave of color overwhelms you the next time you walk into a store, don’t fret. Remember that you can take it down a notch yet still be stylin’ with your brilliant baubles!

Stacy King of Lulu Designs

I always love to check out the latest in style (I’m sure you’re shocked to hear!) at one of my favorite boutiques, Crimson Mim. (now with locations in Los Altos and Palo Alto, CA) It’s a double bonus when my visit coincides with a jewelry trunk show! I was very pleased to meet Bay Area local Stacy King, the designer of Lulu Designs.

Me with jewelry designer Stacy King

Stacy, in her thirteenth year of business (and come to find out next door neighbors with one of my clients!), studied art history and ceramics. Eventually she evolved into jewelry making as a hobby, which then became a bonafide business. Her inspiration for the lovely line comes from nature, architecture and textiles. She has a talented group of trained metal smiths here in the Bay Area that cast her jewelry in silver, and then use 24K vermeil.

Lulu designs necklaces

One of the things I like best about her pieces are her unique materials, which include ancient Thai silver trade beads, hand-cut deer leather and Baroque pearls. Many of her necklaces have a delicate quality that are just itching to be layered within her line or with other necklaces you may already have.

Can you picture layering these?

There are numerous stores who carry this versatile line, so I’m sure you can find a retailer near you. Enjoy!