Custom Beach Jewelry

Ok, I know I’m not the only one out there who just loves the beach. You’ve already seen my post on sea glass jewelry, so I was really excited to see this new jewelry product in a recent catalog I received.

Uncommon Goods will create a custom piece of jewelry for you using sand you send in from your favorite beach. How cool is that? Jewelry artist Holly Daniels Christensen will put your sand (or provide sand from their stock from other beaches around the world) into two styles of necklaces or cufflinks. Prices range from $130-$175, depending on the product, and everything is hand made right here in the good ‘ole USA. (Massachusetts, to be exact)

Uncommon goods sand necklaces
Custom sand necklace

uncommon goods cufflinks
Custom sand cufflinks

They are so streamlined, creating a truly modern take on “beach jewelry.” The sand is set in sterling silver bezels sealed with resin, creating a long-lasting treasure to be worn with love. You can truly wear your happy, sunny beach memories!

Turquoise Cuff: Jewelry Judge

So while I’m out and about each day, I have to say that I do pay attention to the jewelry people adorn themselves with. Some get at A+, while others…not so much. I thought that I’d start a new, random mini-post series called “Jewelry Judge,” where I basically accost people on the street who grab my attention and post either their jewelry “do” or their jewelry “don’t.” Now not all of you may agree with my opinion on said victim, but that’s the joy in accessorizing. I’d love to hear your opinions as well.

So here’s my first subject, who I definitely think got it right. While shopping at Stanford Mall in Palo Alto yesterday, I spied a stylish woman who clearly wasn’t showing her true age, yet she also looked age-appropriate. (I hate it when women dress too young!)

The item that drew my attention was this FABulous bold, gold cuff embellished with chunks of turquoise. Yum!!

turquoise cuff
Nice finishing touch!

Catalogues: Sundance and Ross Simons

I’m sure you all get inundated with catalogues in the mail. Personally, I throw most of them straight into the recycling bin without even opening them. But there are two jewelry catalogues that you just might want to peek through — I know I have found some treasures in each of them.

sundance and ross simons
Two of my faves: Sundance and Ross Simons

The first one is the Sundance catalogue, which is a company owned by Robert Redford. Just like many of the characters he has played on the big screen, there is a relaxed, “country” feel to this collection. (Jewelry is just part of it…Sundance has everything from clothing to furniture!) Most of the jewelry has a rougher, rustic finish to it and veers toward a bohemian sensibility. There is a wide range of price points. Here are two different sets of stacking rings that demonstrate this.

sundance quintillia stack rings
Sundance Quintillia Stack Rings, $138

Sundance Diamond Ring Quintet
Sundance Diamond Ring Quintet, $890

Sundance offers jewelry from a wide array of designers, including some I just adore, like Anne Sportun and Love Heals. There are more pieces on the website than in the catalogue, so be sure to check out both.

Now Ross Simons is a different ballgame all together. Truth be told, when I first started receiving this catalogue I thought it looked like a bunch of old lady junk! But if you look carefully, there are definitely some finds mixed in with the other tacky pieces. And they are constantly running promotions, so you rarely have to pay the advertised price.

Recently, Ross Simons has been increasing their collection of Indian jewelry, which includes one of my latest loves, polki diamonds (which are usually erroneously called rose cut diamonds) and other small, natural diamonds set in oxidized silver. Here are a couple things that have caught my eye.

Ross Simons diamond bracelet
Ross Simons Polki Diamond Bangle

Of course, this bracelet is a big investment…currently $2306.50 down from $3295. But, it’s 4 ct. total weight, which isn’t bad!

Here’s a pair of gorgeous labradorite and natural diamond earrings, now at 57% off for just $2,275. 😉

Ross simons labradorite earrings
Ross Simons Labradorite & Natural Diamond earrings

When shopping on any retail site, don’t forget that there might be some online coupons available. For example, the last time I bought something from Sundance, I first googled “Sundance coupons.” I found one for 30% off one item. Perfect! It worked like a charm. You may not always be so lucky, but it’s always worth a try.

If you come across any wonderful jewelry catalogues, please let me know — I love the tips!

Injuries: Case #1

Jewelry injuries? Are you kidding me? Actually, no…perhaps you’ve even experienced one yourself. I happened to run into a client of mine at a trunk show at the Palo Alto Neiman Marcus. Her eyes were all a-glitter as she gazed at the treasures before her. Her “possible” purchases were carefully laid upon a black velvet tray as I approached.

“Ooooh, I want to check them all out!” I exclaimed. “Please model them for me!”

She smiled widely as she started with some earrings, next a necklace or two, and finally we got to the gem-laden bangles.

“I don’t know what’s wrong, but I need to be careful putting these on. My thumb and joint area really hurt,” she said.

Now this is a young, athletic client, so I knew it couldn’t be arthritis setting in right there at the Neiman’s jewelry counter. So what could it possibly be?

You guessed it…she was sore from trying on bangles! The constant push over her joints had caused a bonafide jewelry injury. Aside from some Advil, I said the only solution was clearly to buy herself some of her great picks — she had earned them! 😉

Bangle injury
Do this repeatedly, and your hand will hurt!

Accessory Artists: Online Boutique

Who needs a store front? Marcy Roth certainly doesn’t, and about a year ago she founded one of the coolest jewelry boutiques around, Accessory Artists,…online! I had the pleasure of meeting Marcy at her trunk show at Manika Jewelry. (I know I seem to mention them quite a bit, but honestly, it’s an amazing store. If you live here in the Bay Area and haven’t visited before, get on it!)

Marcy of Accessory Artists
Hangin' with Marcy

Marcy brought a sampling of various designers she carries, and the range was amazing — fine jewelry to costume, large scale to delicate, bohemian to urban edge. I have no doubt that ANY jewelry aficionado will surely find something right up their alley on this site!

Kara Ross Necklace
Exquisite necklace by Kara Ross

She carries over thirty artists, the majority of which are based here in the United States. Her research background really helped lay the groundwork for her “jewelry sleuthing” where she tracks down up and coming artists. This is not the place to find mass-produced lines. It’s where you’ll find unique pieces that you won’t see coming and going.

Oblik Atelier earrings
Modern designs by Oblik Atelier

Brooke Gregson labradorite necklace
My fave was this labradorite necklace by Brooke Gregson

So just because you may be stuck at work right now, sneaking a peek at this blog post while the boss isn’t looking, it doesn’t mean you can’t go jewelry shopping. Indulge and treat yourself to something sparkly!

Liseanne Frankfurt of LFrank

I found myself once again at a deliciously gorgeous trunk show at Angela’s in Menlo Park. The designer herself was there to showcase her LFrank collection, which was so beautiful, I didn’t know where to look first!

LFrank designer and Amy Roseveare
Liseanne Frankfurt and me

Discovering that we were both UCLA alumni (where she began her business her sophomore year) just added to the instant bond I felt with the hand-finished collection. Liseanne works with rose or moghul cut diamonds, colored stones, and pearls set in 18K yellow, white and rose gold. You’ll also find her incorporating some other materials, such as shells, vintage beads or wood.

What first caught my eye was a bust of layered necklaces. They seemed to glow with their matte finish and I could instantly see each piece being worn separately, layered with things I already owned, and worn day to night. It’s clear that her inspirations include travel, art and architecture.

LFrank necklaces
Stunning array of necklaces

Soon, though, a wide ribbon full of stud earrings drew my attention. Studs may not always be the most “exciting” part of a collection, but they can certainly be one of the most useful elements in any jewelry wardrobe. Finding out-of-the-ordinary studs can be a challenge and the following are examples of some truly unique designs.

LFrank studs with grey diamond stripe
Rose gold with grey diamond stripe

LFrank quak cluster studs
Yellow gold with 4-diamond cluster

LFrank pave disc studs with grey diamonds
Grey pave diamond disc studs

All her jewelry is made in her studio in Los Angeles. She works with a third generation goldsmith in creating each unique piece. Even her findings (things like clasps and chains) are made specifically for her, so there’s nothing “common” whatsoever about her products. You are guaranteed to have a high-quality, exquisite piece with amazing detail.

Now if you just MUST see this line after reading this, you can always visit her store on Abbot Kinney Blvd. in Venice Beach. Or, cruise through her chic online store on her website. The diversity in her line will please a variety of personal styles and includes jewelry in many scales — so odds are you’ll find something that makes you go, “ooooo!” Happy shopping!

Bulgari S. Pellegrino!

Now I am a self-professed jewelry-a-holic, but seriously, even the water at a recent luncheon knows it! I was dining with one of my fave clients in downtown SF the other day, When the sparkling water was brought to the table, I couldn’t believe my eyes — it was bejeweled!

Bulgari Pellegrino
A bejeweled bottle of Pellegrino!

Apparently the two Italian luxury brands paired up for a celebration of the colorful and refined Italian spirit in honor of Bulgari’s 125th anniversary. The necklace featured on the bottle is in the classic 1960’s Bulgari style, with cabochon emeralds, turquoise, rubies and amethyst along with brilliant cut diamonds, all set in yellow gold.

These special bottles are only out for 3 months, being poured in fine restaurants around the globe. Guess my jewelry faries wanted to make sure I saw it! Salute!

Bulgari S. Pellegrino water bottle
I love when even bottles accessorize!