Oscar 2015 Jewelry Report

I was pleasantly surprised at the jewelry seen on the red carpet this year– people were bringing it for the Oscars! And they should, as this is the mother of all award shows, right?! I definitely saw a few trends emerge as the evening progressed. Of course, there were many ear climbers and fabulous bracelet stacks, yet I want to focus on these three trends: diamond ear clusters, memorable necklaces, and swinging earrings.

Diamond Ear Clusters

I vividly remember my grandmother wearing (faux) diamond ear clusters as part of her “cruise attire,” back in the 1970’s, and they are now back and bigger than ever. The first pair I saw walk down the carpet were by Norman Silverman (13 ct!!) and worn by Anna Kendrick. They looked spot-on with her coral Thakoon dress with a five-row diamond collar.

anna kendrick in norman silverman earrings
Marion Cotillard’s Chopard earrings (even bigger!) were lovely with her Dior dress. While not necessarily a traditional cluster, the visual effect is similar. Side note: I loved her dress from the front, but not so much from the back. You?

marion cotillard in chopard earrings
Reese Witherspoon went for a very minimal look with her Tom Ford black and white dress tonight (too high of a contrast level for her, just sayin’) and was also donning ear clusters by Tiffany & Co.

reese witherspoon 2015 oscars
Jenna Dewan Tatum’s earrings went the extra mile, almost melding into a cluster chandelier by Lorraine Schwartz. (Yes, I just made up that term.)

jenna dewan tatum oscars 2015
Memorable Necklaces

There were three necklaces that really stood out to me. First and foremost is the incredible vintage Van Cleef & Arpels Zip necklace worn by Margot Robbie. During her Ryan Seacrest interview she said, “I think it was made for the Duchess of Windsor in the 30’s,” and “This necklace is worth more than my life.” Alrighty then. It was perfectly highlighted by the plunging neckline of her black Saint Laurent dress.

margot robbie in van cleef & arpels zip necklace
Faith Hill also caught my attention. The extra-long diamond necklace with a geometric pendant was hot! I would SO wear it! (though in a much more casual way)

faith hill and tim mcgraw oscars 2015
While there was a plethora of diamond and pearl necklaces, there weren’t as many with color. Cate Blanchett, being the style maven that she is, went bold with a turquoise Tiffany & Co. necklace with her Mason Margiela black dress. How amazing do her eyes look with this?! Way to make it fashion forward.

cate blanchett in tiffany & co
cate blanchet's tiffany and co necklace
Swinging Earrings

I wrote about this trend just a month ago in my wrap-up of the Golden Globes. While I focused on diamond earrings in that article, there were some great options in color at this show. One of the very first to arrive was America Ferrera, in stunning Irene Neuwirth drops.

america ferrera in irene neuwirth
While she didn’t appear on the red carpet, during the show I couldn’t take my eyes off Jennifer Hudson’s Lorraine Schwartz emerald show-stoppers. Such a great color mix with her yellow gown.

jennifer hudson oscars 2015
Kerry Washinton wore shoulder-skimmers in pink ombre sapphires and diamonds by Fred Leighton.

kerry washington in fred leighton
And I can’t resist talking about one diamond pair as well. Meryl Streep rocked a pair of 19th century Fred Leighton earrings. I love how they complemented the sparkle in her belt buckle.

meryl streep oscars 2015
Jewelry Mention of Honor

Ok, there’s no way a 2015 Oscar jewelry report can be complete without talking about Lupita Nyong’o in Calvin Klein Collection. Not only did she have fabulous jewels from Chopard, but her WHOLE DRESS was made of pearls!! 6000, to be exact. I cannot even imagine how much that dress weighs, but I think she’s good for her cardio for a week just by wearing it.

lupita nyong'o oscars 2015
The jewels she chose to accompany this fantastical dress only enhanced the look, without creating too many focal points.

oscar 2015 chopard jewels on lupita nyong'o
I know that there were a couple other actresses that those in the fashion world were crushing on (Scarlett Johansson and Gwyneth Paltrow, for example), but I wasn’t feeling it. That’s one of the cool things with style — beauty is in the eye of the beholder…and the person wearing the ensemble.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on Oscar fashion!

23 thoughts on “Oscar 2015 Jewelry Report”

  1. In my opinion, you missed two standout pieces: Scarlett Johanssen’s green (emeralds?) necklace. That necklace should not have worked with the earrings she wore, nor with that gown she was wearing, and yet somehow it all came together on her. On her! 🙂 And Octavia Spencer’s fabulous earrings! Loved them!

    1. Thanks for the comment, randgmom. I actually did mention Scarlett Johannson at the end of the article–I hate to say, but I thought her necklace was horrible. I loved the ear climbers she was wearing, but the necklace was just way too distracting for my taste. There were some great debates in on twitter about it during the show! Octavia’s earrings were fab, but I didn’t see her walk the carpet, so I didn’t get to see them until she was a presenter. Gorgeous on her!!

  2. I agree with your favorites and had a few of my own! Laura Spencer from Good Morning America wore a fabulous necklace and earring combo, which was one of my favorites. It really popped with her pretty pink dress. I also loved the earrings Edward Norton’s wife, Shauna Robertson wore. While I wasn’t a huge fan of her dress, Gwyneth Paltrow’s earrings were fabulous! Also kind of fun was the man-jewelry we saw on Common, Kevin Hart, David Oyelowo, Terrence Howard and a few more.

  3. Oooh… I missed Laura Spencer, as I was watching “E.” And YES–I loved Shauna Robertson’s jewelry (she had on a couple great rings as well) and all the “man jewelry” that we saw! I was not a fan of Gwyneth’s earrings, though–I thought they were too heavy of a look for the dress.

  4. Your blog is what I look forward to the morning after a rewards show! Great review. My favs were Cate and Meryl. Both really caught my attention. My favorite dress was Naomi Watts. I just thought that was a stunner!

    1. Thanks, Brooke! Naomi’s dress was pretty amazing, though I wasn’t totally loving her earring choice. She always has such a cool style!

    1. Well there was a lot to see, for sure, and I only cover part of it, Melodee. I’m sure you’ll see lots of fashion wrap-ups in the magazines this week.

  5. My fav that you highlighted was the Margot Robbie piece. Too fab. I love Cate most of the time but I don’t care for a garment neckline that interferes with fabulous jewelry. It was all I could look at while she was presenting. What’s your take Amy?

    1. That vintage zip necklace was definitely fab on Margot, Colleen! The neckline of Cate’s dress didn’t bother me at all with the necklace. I felt the dress was just a backdrop to showcase it and bring the attention to her face and lovely eyes. It created more contrast than if the necklace were just on her skin.

  6. Great report, Amy! Always look forward to it. I was totally crushing on Julianne Moore’s earrings. Just loved how they were designed to hug into the chin but still have a lot of dimension. Would you call those diamond clusters as well?

  7. I take that back. They weren’t hugging her chin for goodness sakes, it was her jawline/cheek area. (This is past my bedtime!) You’ll know how to describe it. You’re the expert. Night-night!

    1. Yes, Julianne’s earrings were great as well! I’m not sure I would exactly consider them as clusters, but not sure what to call them. They are almost a hoop hybrid, and I loved them!

  8. I loved Marion Cotillard’s Chopard earrings. My favorite look of the night was Margot Robbie in that Saint Laurent dress with that necklace–STUNNING! Then I loved Emma Stone in the acid green Elie Saab dress. At first, I wasn’t sure about the color, but then I just fell in love with the whole look. She is very fashion forward!

    Enjoyed your report!

    1. Magot was my fave as well, Maria. I would wear that dress in a heartbeat. And the jewels? Fab! I will say that Emma’s look has grown on me a bit too. At first, I thought the dress might be too “old,” but she’s got it going on.

  9. That necklace Cate wore . . . I collected as many print images of it as I could! And I’m not even a huge fan of turquoise, unless it’s set in antique pieces in yellow gold.

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