Jewelry Inspired by The Golden Globes

For many years now, I’ve been live tweeting the Red Carpet for the major awards shows and then writing an article about the jewels worn by the stars. To be honest, this year I decided I just wanted to watch the show and enjoy it. (Boy was it a nice change!) In fact, I wasn’t planning on writing any article having to do with the Golden Globes at all. But that’s before a few stars wore jewelry that really inspired me. Jessica Biel, Keri Russell and Nicole Kidman all wore pieces that I would wear in a heartbeat. This sent me scurrying to the internet to see if I could find similar looks. And guess what? I did! Though many are still at a price point that’s not in my budget, it’s going to encourage me to keep my eyes open when I’m out and about. Of course I have to share my finds with you, as you may be inspired as well.

First up, Keri Russell. Having loved her since her Felicity days, I’ve always been a fan of her laid-back luxe look. When I watched her interviewed on the Red Carpet, I was impressed with how at ease she was — completely comfortable with herself, which is a true gift indeed. The icing on the cake was the Annarita Celano earrings she was wearing. Two different earrings, yet in total harmony with each other.


Keri Russel wearing Ahnnarita Celano earrings at the 2017 Golden Globes
Keri Russel wearing Annarita Celano earrings at the 2017 Golden Globes

I found these earrings to be SO refreshing amidst the parade of more traditional styles. (It’s definitely more the look I would go for if I were walking the carpet.) Here’s a closer look at the styles she was wearing: the Lisca Amo and the Lisca Hoop.

annarita celano lisca amo earring
annarita celano lisca hoops
I really do like the idea of mis-matched earrings, but they’ve got to be just right, so it doesn’t look like you got dressed in the dark. I found a few possibilities online. The first are from Sarah & Sebastian. The two earrings definitely have similar silhouettes, but they are just different enough. The earring with the face really adds a bit of whimsy.

sarah & sebastian long face 14k gold earring
sarah & sebastian long foam 14K gold diamond earring
I also think these two variations of hoop earrings by Jovana Djuric would be pretty cool together. They come in different metals/colors on request.

jovana djuric gipsy charmer earrings n2
jovana djuric gipsy charmer earring n4
I also found this mis-matched pair, sold as a set, by Mondo Mondo.

mondo mondo toyen earrings
Next, I have to say that Jessica Biel was clearly having a grand ‘ole time at the Golden Globes. She, too, was completely relaxed in her ensemble, which was topped off by antique earrings from Neil Lane. And did you catch the glimmer of gold chain woven into her hair? THE most perfect complement to her Victorian earrings.


Jessica Biel in Victorian earrings from Neil Lane at the 2017 Golden Globes
Jessica Biel in Victorian earrings from Neil Lane at the 2017 Golden Globes

Being a lover of antique jewelry, it’s no surprise that these grabbed my attention. I found a couple antique pair online that have a similar look. First is a pair from Doyle & Doyle with lovely granulation detail.

doyle & doyle victorian drop earrings
I found another pair on Etsy with the same shape as the ones Jessica wore, but with a cleaner look as far as the amount of design detail. (shop by Addy)

victorian torpedo drop earrings
If antique jewelry isn’t quite your thing, but you’d like a similar feel, then these earrings by Sydney Evan might do the trick.

sydney evan 14k gold short spike drop earrings with diamonds
Finally, I cannot finish this article without mentioning the frickin’ amazing 19th century diamond double-strand riviere necklace (from Fred Leighton) worn by Nicole Kidman. You may remember reading about riviere necklaces in my article about Georgian jewelry.


Nicole Kidman wearing a Fred Leighton 19th century double-strand diamond riviere necklace at the 2017 Golden Globes
Nicole Kidman wearing a Fred Leighton 19th century double-strand diamond riviere necklace at the 2017 Golden Globes

Granted, Nicole’s necklace was composed of over 48 carats of diamonds, and a purchase like this is just NOT possible for us mere mortals. Though I did happen to find a couple Georgian paste riviere necklaces that are still an investment, but they won’t set you back a few years’ salary. I found the first one on Erica Weiner’s website — one of my favorite jewelry stores in NYC.

georgian cushion cut paste riviere neclace from erica weiner
The next was also found on Etsy. (shop by LaurelleLtd)

georgian paste riviere necklace
There’s also a jewelry company, Larkspur & Hawk, that’s becoming increasingly well-known for their modern interpretations of the riviere. Writing this article gave me the perfect excuse (not that I needed one – ha ha) to visit the Palo Alto Neiman Marcus to try on a couple different styles from Larkspur & Hawk.

amy roseveare in larkspur & hawk necklaces
If I had to choose, I’d probably select the smaller scale version for myself, probably in a clear colored stone. I could then easily layer it with a multitude of necklaces. But in a dream world, I’d own a real diamond Georgian one — maybe someday.

So there you have it — three looks that are now completely stuck in my brain. What do you think of them? Were there other gems that dazzled you on the stars? I’d truly enjoy hearing from you in the comment section below. Sparkle on!

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  1. I adore the earrings worn by Jessica Biel. I saw them in an article online the day after the awards. And the idea of a riviere! I read about Larkspur and Hawk on The Stone I doubt I can find one to try on here in Maine but maybe in Boston . . . I, too, would go for a clear stone. And a genuine Georgian piece . . .

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